Expressing Your Faith In Your Home Design

Expressing Your Faith In Your Home Design

Designing your home can be one of the most exciting ways to express your faith. No one wants to be a guest inside their own home. Likewise you want guests to immediately feel comfortable when they step through the door. Be it a family member or a friend, it is integral that that person gets a sense of your personality and nature within the four walls they are walking inside. Your home is an extension of yourself, after all. It is a doorway into your lifestyle and values. So how do you manage to express your faith in home design?

Although the substance of faith can often be found inside text and scriptures, over the years we have found ways of communicating differently. Your faith can now be found in patterns, sculptures or wall art. It can be seen and noticed as soon as you open the front door, and it can be felt when you’re sat in the lounge watching television in the evening. There are so many ways to incorporate faith in your home design, so here’s a few ideas that may work for you.

Incorporate Art Pieces In The Entrance Hallway

Often it can be difficult to know what to do with an entrance hallway. It is almost a mid-point between the entrance and the crux of the house, be that the dining room, lounge or kitchen. It is, however, the first thing you and your guests will see. Injecting color into it can be done by hanging some interesting and thought-provoking art pieces on the wall. There are so many wonderful artworks that revolve around faith. Take a look inside a gallery or browse online and you are sure to find something that will give you the warmth and virtue your religion represents.

Objects And Sculptures Can Have More Importance Than You Think

It is crazy how large an impact a small sculpture can have. Guests will immediately gravitate towards interesting-looking pieces, whether they are sat on tables, stools, or the shelves of a bathroom. It can be sculptures, figurines, throws, pillows, or lamps; the list is literally endless. Think about getting sculptures that are a little different. Find parts of your faith that speak to you directly. This way, it is more likely you will be asked about it by visitors, which can be a great opportunity to relay your faith and its importance in your life.

Pick A Room To Be The Heart Of Your Faith

Your faith can be expressed in every part of your household, but it can be a good idea to center it in a room that you believe to be the heart. Pick a room where you, your family, or your friends might gather and decorate it according to what is valuable to you. If you are Jewish, for instance, the dining room can be a great place to express your faith. There are many table designs, plates, cutlery, and candles which can be found online to show this. You could try this Israeli Judaica site for ideas of what will look best within your house, and make sure to pick something which you feel will communicate your faith in the perfect way. Remember that this is the room in which you will spend most of your time in. Let the furniture and décor shine out with your message. That way, not only will this room be a hub of the house, it will be a beautiful and welcoming extension of you and your beliefs.


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