Exterior Home Renovations You Can Do To Increase Property Value

Exterior Home Renovations You Can Do To Increase Property Value

Your property can be worth so much more than it currently is if you choose to improve the way it looks from the exterior. Exterior home renovations increase curb appeal and the overall value of your property, which will, in turn, increase the price of your property when putting it up for sale.

However, you don’t have to change the whole exterior of your property to increase its value. Here are some home renovations you can do that will significantly affect the exterior look of and increase the value of your property.

1. Fencing

When some people think about fencing, what comes to their mind are those tiny wooden stakes driven as pegs to the ground to stop intruders from entering the house. This is an understatement of the potentials of a fence. You can choose to install a wall that is both aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and efficient.

To make a proper fence, you will need to hire professionals to get the job done. There are different options to choose from, ranging from wood, vinyl, iron, etc. Fencing increases the curb appeal of the home exterior. Apart from that, it also offers security and privacy to homeowners, which is why most people won’t mind paying extra to get more security and privacy.

 2. Improve Your Front or Garage Door

The first thing anyone who comes to your home would see is your front door. No matter what you have inside your home, if the front door is not appealing, it might discourage some potential buyers. Someone who comes to inspect a house with the hope of buying can predict the status of your property from just seeing the front door.

It would, therefore, be a smart thing to do to repackage your front door with the intent to make it appealing to the eyes. If the door is looking old and rusty, change it completely.

On the other hand, improving your garage door by either repairing or replacing the old one improves aesthetics, security and adds more value to the property. Repairing or buying a front or garage door will require you to call on the services of professionals, such as the ones you can find at Charlotte NC door.

Exterior Home Renovations You Can Do To Increase Property Value

 3. Landscaping

Landscaping is not optional when it comes to increasing the worth of your property. Great property with a terrible landscape is a property that will be undervalued from the perspective of the buyer. You have to deliberately do things that would change the view of your home.

With this in mind, you can decide to improve the gutter system. You can contact seamless gutters Charlotte service for a quote on this while you’re at it. If you have a front lawn, you can also mow it, or plant a garden. However, if you don’t have enough land space for this, you can plant flowers inside pots and place them in front of your door towards the entrance.

A green landscape resulting from planted flowers has a way of making your home look like nature’s best friend. If you are planting flowers in a pot or vase, make sure they are symmetrically arranged to give it an orderly look.

 4. Paint the Exterior

If you have the resources and the time, you can do a total repainting of the exterior. Most people take painting the exterior for granted and focus on the interior. It is necessary to consider repainting if you noticed that the exterior painting is getting dull and rough. To make sure you get the most out of this, consider hiring a professional, such as a Quality Calvary painting contractor, to make sure your home is looking its absolute best.

You can research on the current painting trends to get ideas on how you want your exterior to look like. Use colors that complement each other so as not to cause color confusion.

If you know you can’t afford to paint the whole exterior, then focus on the entrance and front of the home. When you do this, you will have successfully increased the beauty of your property and invariably the worth in the value of the property.

 5. Clean the Surroundings

Cleaning the surroundings is one of the essential things you have to do. The surrounding of your home will largely influence the perception of anyone viewing your home.

This is why you have to pay attention to the outdoor space. If it appears dirty and untidy, it might reduce the overall value of your home and also chase away potential buyers.

On the other hand, a clean environment can increase the value of your home. So, take a look at the surroundings and declutter if necessary.

 6. Lighting

This is an extra tip for you! A good exterior lighting effect can significantly improve curb appeal and impress any prospective buyer. So, if you can work on the lighting effects in the exterior, you would have successfully provided something to illuminate the beauty of your home.

Aside from that, lighting also provides illumination and improves security. If you are unsure of how to go about it, hire a professional to figure out the type of lighting, you will need for your landscape and house exterior.


Selling your house can be very profitable if you know the right home renovations to do that will increase the value of your property. Some of these include improving your landscape, replacing or buying a front or garage door, adding a fence to your property, and investing in proper lighting. Adding these to your renovation plans can significantly increase the value of your home and, in turn, increase the value of your property when you put it up for sale.

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