Facebook Business Pages – Why Your Local Home Services Business Should Have One

Facebook Business Pages - Why Your Local Home Services Business Should Have One

Initially designed to be just another social networking site, Facebook has long become an important business tool, indispensable for a company to have a strong presence on the internet. In this social network, the entrepreneur can publicize his brand, promotions, and events, present his products and services, talk about trends, mark his position in the market, relate to the public, serve them, etc. At the same time, it can publish ads. Do you need another reason to create a Facebook page?

The numbers of active accounts are massive

The number of Facebook users has surpassed the 2.5 billion mark worldwide. Do you know how many people have a Facebook account in and around your service area? With this, the number of people available to interact with your company page is immense. Considering that smart phones are multiplying the possibilities of internet access and changing routine habits, and that people are increasingly connected, these numbers are even more significant.

Ease and free access

Facebook’s interface is easy to use and access is free, which allows people of all age groups and social strata to use the social network. Therefore, whatever the segment of your company is, there will always be someone interested. Another point is that Facebook business Page itself is committed to bring more functionality to company profiles with elements that make the commercial page more complete, more intuitive ads, the Market Place tab, albums in product catalog format, etc.

Ease of management

A single administrator can manage several pages simultaneously through the Business Manager, which reduces the management cost of this platform precisely by dispensing with the use of other tools. At the same time, several duly authorized people can manage a page from anywhere, which multiplies the possibilities of updating, monitoring and service within your company’s profile.

Do not live on ads alone

An interesting way to encourage people to access a page is to generate content. Someone who sells plumbing services can produce content in posts, images and videos about major issues with pipes in winter, water clogged, how to hire a plumbing service, tips and various subjects, generating a consistent and faithful flow to the page. ‘Shared content’ feature also has the advantage of exposing your brand in the news feed of your page followers.

Possibility of immediate interaction

You can give Facebook users permission to interact with your page, commenting on posts or sending direct messages (through Facebook Messenger) with requests for information, suggestions and even questions about your company. Answers should be given quickly whenever possible, creating a solid and personalized relationship with potential customers – which is very positive for generating business.

Everyone is on social media, are you?

Social media advertising is at its peak for businesses looking to promote their brand and services online. Fortunately, Facebook ads do exist. Meta is a form of pay-per-click advertising that takes place on Facebook platform. Brand awareness and community building are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of Facebook ads.

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