Fashion Styles – When Trends Just Come and Go

Fashion Styles - When Trends Just Come and Go

Fashion style is one of many things that change in a short time. In a minute, people go crazy for colorful leather pants; tomorrow, they crave designer handbags or scarves. The point is people can change their preferences for some clothing, but they will surely always return to the basics. You can also check out ThreadCurve for more fashion tips.

Fashion is an infinite cycle. What is popular now may come long ago and make its appearance visible again later on. If you remember, super skinny jeans are a current favorite, as they were twenty years ago. Before that, the bell-bottoms dominated the market. Compare today’s current trends to past ones. Enthusiasm for tight jeans has returned, but in reality, four years ago, all the kids in the neighborhood wore jeans. And if the truth is told, the same cycle will repeat itself in the coming years.

And when cycles disappear, if you wait it out long enough, it will come back with a vengeance! Glasses and the slightly geeky setup is still a hot look right now, but will soon go out of fashion for being too “nerdy.” A pair of glasses is something that can add a down-to-earthness for many outfits, but can still retain a sexual quality in the right context. Just look at the Vintage styles that have still dominated for the last 10 years.

Let’s go to the stock exchange cycle. In the 90s, the Gaga girls carried shoulder bags for shopping. They are available in different colors and are accompanied by straps for very long bags that can reach the legs. This changed when teenagers and young professionals started carrying new star wallets and purses. It took some time to wear out the bag designers. Some of them can be quite expensive and very well made. Years after the madness, shoulder bags slowly dominate the scene.

Even men who usually don’t spend a lot of money for these clothes are following trends. From shirt styles to the shape of ties, trends change for men, too. Even the men’s briefcase styles change over time for the male population. It makes it necessary to stay in style as trends change to continue looking professional. However, some of those out-of-style pieces may be worth keeps for when they come back in vogue.

Shoes are also subject to rapid changes. Some have a model like classic school shoes. Others design more flashy styles, including heels up to 4 inches and platform style.

Colors also have some flashbacks. The last few years may have been mostly full of black and white and other silent colors, but in recent years clothing has focused on colors from green to purple, light pink or fuchsia to sunset yellow, including red – the hallmark from 1990. Each year a Pantone color collection is chosen that will be inspiration for designers of both fashion and others. 

Fashion styles never end. In a few years or less, the trend that you thought could last a long time will disappear before your eyes and will be reversed by the next trend. It’s just a question of how long it will survive the dynamic environment of the fashion world and even leave its mark on the scene, or it will only be a new misstep to fashion we’d rather care to forget.

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