Find Floating Charms Without Throwing A Party

The internet has definitely made our lives easier in many different aspects. Back in the old days, especially in the US where charms were all the rage, people waited for a party to be able to find charm dealers with big collections to choose from, franchises like Origami Owl being one such dealer that was wildly popular. The only problem was the fact that these dealers usually bought in bulk, so they often refused to sell charms in single numbers. The concept of buying in bulk was to save many due to the offers you are more likely to get when you buy a bigger amount. The concept behind selling in bulk, on the other hand, was to be able to regain the money dealers spent in the fastest timeline possible. Nowadays, the internet gives us an outlet to many websites and online sellers who not only offer a big collection that you can choose from, but they offer flexibility with the amount you want to buy without forcing a certain number on you.

Know Your Locket and its Floating Charm

Some websites offer awesome deals on top of shipping your order for free when it exceeds a certain amount of money. There are many options out there when you first decide to buy a floating locket, it might feel a bit overwhelming. So you need to know first the main two types of lockets out there; some round twist lockets are opened by being twisted, however, the majority is called magnet lockets and they simply open like a book. Some prefer to have a plate to emphasis on the beauty of your locket while blocking any unwanted reflections, such as the reflected color hues from your clothes. For floating charms, on the other hand, the selection process depends merely on the theme you have planned in your mind. Choose the general theme for your charms, then decide whether you want it with or without crystals, then you can select your favorite color or any color you have in mind, you will then get filtered results that match your taste without spending your time planning on throwing a party just to be able to find some charms.

Pendant VS Charms

Many might confuse pendants with charms, but the difference is really simple and obvious. Pendants can be anything that usually hangs from chains or pieces of jewelry, such as semi-precious or precious stones hanging from necklaces. While anything can be used as a pendant, it’s more than often that either gems or stones are chosen.

Charms, on the other hand, represent the wearer’s life, taste, and preferences. Charms can be hung on bracelets, anklets, or necklaces. And they are usually in the form of the owner’s favorite animal, favorite sports team, or other symbols that hold a special meaning.

The Significance

While every piece of jewelry holds its special place in the owner’s heart, charms and lockets hold a greater significance. Lockets and charms can mean much more than any keepsake or jewelry because of the singular story they can tell about their wearer. They can celebrate the meaning of love and honor. They can be worn as a memorial of the people we lost and still mourn, some lockets can even hold ashes or a hair of the dearest people in our hearts. Some charms, carry historical significance to the world and they are held as evidence of the stories they tell. These lockets are passed down through different generations as a celebration of the family’s history in the form of just a simple picture pressed under a glass.

Lockets have been worn by men through the past few decades as much they have been worn by women. The men who don’t prefer to wear necklaces can still celebrate lockets by wearing them as parts of a ring, a bracelet, or anything they want.

The reason why floating charms became so popular nowadays is the uniqueness they portray and the fact that they are personalized piece of jewelry. Anyone can start designing their own customized floating charm locket by choosing first between floating charm necklaces or bracelets. After that comes the choice of picking your necklace (which is the most popular option) to be in gold, silver, or white gold. Then comes that hard part which is choosing the floating charm locket itself that will be placed within the necklace. The confusion between all the charms options and other inserts can be overwhelming so it’s important to take your time to find the right floating charm locket for you. And now you don’t have to fish for parties that will have charm dealers to buy a bunch of charms you are only interested in a few of them. The internet now gives us the opportunity to choose and to buy the lockets and charms we want even if we want a singular charm.

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