Finding the top Professional Movers in Maryland

It can be an exciting or daunting time when you are moving to a new home, whichever side of the fence you are on, both come with their positives and negatives. A new home can signify the start of a new chapter in your life or lives, turning over a new leaf or preparing for an exciting adventure with beginning a family.

The moment can be even more magical if you have been fortunate enough to build the home you’re moving into. Nevertheless, new paint smell and reorganizing cupboards is a wonderful moment to be in. And if this is you when reading this article, congratulations.

7 Tips for choosing the right moving company.

1. Reviews

Check online at the websites of possible companies you are deciding on using at the customer reviews and comments from satisfied-or not-customers and consider these when making the final choice.

2. Recommendations

Working on what family members and friends say about companies is one of the best methods of choosing which is best, which is suited for your family and the dynamics.

3. Years of trade

Look at the number of years the firm has been trading, the experience they have under their belts showing they have expertise in the field. You want a company you can trust and that’s reliable, if this is something you feel is good for you, then checkout AN1S moving company and receive the service you deserve.

4. License and insurance

Make sure you check the companies’ credentials, don’t just use old man Jim down the road with a van, you need a licensed mover so that your property is protected in the event something happens.

5. Prices

While moving companies’ can’t give you a definite set price without seeing the amount of stuff you own, how many hours all the work will take, a rough guide will start you off. Ask what extras would result in additional costs so that you can foresee and put money aside for these services.

6. A good fit

Whether on the phone or in-person there are basic questions you need to ask to see if they can accommodate your needs. Can they fit all your furniture in a single trip, do they provide moving blankets or bubble wrap? Are the times you need the move done available in their schedule? These may seem trivial questions but can make the day that much smoother if all sorted out beforehand.

7. A successful moving day.

The day has arrived, the house is packed up and filled to the brim with boxes, the kids are excited and running around like marathon runners and you’re waiting for the party to begin. Whether long haul or short make sure you have enough hands-on deck, professional and non, to make the work light.

An important factor is to wake up early and have a hearty breakfast, you’re going to need all the energy you can muster to get you to the finish line. Providing coffee and a bite for the movers will help set the tone for the day, it will boost morale and if they see you are taking care of them they’ll likely work more efficiently.

Take a minute to watch this quick video for some handy tips and advice on how they moved quickly and efficiently into their new home and began their memory-making journey.

Lastly, be sure you are in joggers or something old and comfortable, things are going to get grubby. Trying to carry boxes and do some last-minute packing in your skinny jeans and new trainers is looking for disaster.

Moving day is supposed to be fun, and there’s no reason for it not to be, keep the stress levels to their minimum and everyone can work to their best potential. Have you ever tried doing a job or task with someone constantly shouting in the background or even in your face on how every little detail is supposed to be done? It never works.

Move, unpack and start the new book on your new life.

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