First Car Fit-Out – 5 Of The Best Upgrades To Consider For Your First Vehicle

First Car Fit-Out - 5 Of The Best Upgrades To Consider For Your First Vehicle

Getting your first car is an exciting time. Having your own wheels symbolizes freedom and autonomy the likes of which you’ve probably not had before. The type of car you choose to purchase will depend heavily on your lifestyle, but the upgrades outlined in this article can benefit pretty much anyone:

Brighten Your Day

One of the first things you’ll want to consider upgrading on your vehicle is the headlights. Sure, if you only ever drive in well-lit city areas, the stock lighting accessories will probably get the job done. When you head out to suburbia, however, or further out into the bush, street lights can quickly become few and far between.

This is why we recommend getting LED driving lights fitted. These little beauties can instantly improve your vision, no matter what environment you’re in. They also last far longer than standard halogen globes, so you won’t have to worry about replacements for ages.

Stopping Power

The next thing you’ll want to consider upgrading is your car’s brakes. While the ability to take off in a hurry is always appreciated, if you can’t stop just as easily, you’re not as safe as you need to be. While your stock brakes will get the job done with a stock engine, upgrading never hurts. If you’ve done any work under the hood, improving your stopping power is non-negotiable.

Back It Up

Many newer cars come with reverse cameras as standard, but if you have an older model, or your vehicle simply didn’t come with that part of the package, a reverse camera system is a great upgrade to add. Given the visibility issues present in most cars, and the increasingly popular addition of spoilers, it can be impossible to see children (or even short adults) if they’re standing behind your car while you’re backing up. Reverse cameras pretty much eliminate this risk, making them the ideal safety addition to any car.

Press Play

Unless you’re blessed enough to be able to afford a newer vehicle for your first car, music lovers are probably going to find the sound system to be lacking. Combat this by installing a custom head unit with Bluetooth functionality so you can control your tunes safely and legally. It never hurts to add a set of 12 inch subwoofers if you want a bit more bass.

New Boots

Your first vehicle is probably also your first big-ticket purchase, so it makes sense if you want to personalize it a bit and really make it your own. Unfortunately, most customization options come with pretty hefty price tags.

A fun way to get your car looking a little more you without breaking the bank too much is by adding alloy rims. Often referred to as “mags,” this minor change can create a whole new look for your car. As long as you match up the correct stud pattern and centre configuration, you can choose any style that you would like.

New Plates

Remember about getting new plates so you’re driving the car legally on the road. Usually, at a dealer in the US this is already arranged as part of your purchase. But when purchasing from a person, or getting a special number sequence, you’ll need to purchase your plates from the proper office. In the UK find & buy DVLA Number Plates from National Numbers or you can search on the internet for High Quality UK Number Plates.

The upgrades on this list are obviously far from everything that you can do to your first car, but we do believe that they are five of the best. By enhancing both functionality and style, you’ll gain more enjoyment from your commute while making the road (and car parks) a safer place for everyone. Let us know in the comments what upgrades you’ll be adding, and enjoy your newfound freedom – you’ve earned it.

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