Five Innovative and Smart Ways to Transform Your Home to a Healthy Home


It is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, and for that, you have to make your living environment – your home healthy. Ask yourself a little question – is my home healthy? I’m sure your answer is yes. But is that so? You should probably ask the same question to yourself again after you’ve read this post. 

The idea of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t revolve only around healthy food or daily exercises; it includes a healthy environment too. And to live in a healthy environment, you should start making your home healthy. After reading this piece, you’ll know five innovative ways by which you can transform your home to a healthy home. 

Say goodbye to the specks of dust 

Dust is something that spares no home. They reside in every little corner of your home – on clothes, pillows, furniture, carpets, mattress, rugs. They are present everywhere. Dust often attracts dust mites which is an indoor allergen. They can live on every object current in your house; they even feed on the dead skins of humans as well as animals. 

Don’t get scared! We have a straightforward solution. Vacuum your house frequently, at least two times a week. But if you suspect dust mites, you should vacuum for a minimum of 3 days a week. Make sure you clean properly; don’t forget to miss out on those sneaky corners! 

It is also essential to maintain the moisture level in the atmosphere. Dust mites cannot survive below 50% humidity levels; however, they multiply rapidly in high humidity conditions. You can try planting a few greens that are known to reduce humidity such as peace lily, Boston fern and English ivy. 

Grow the greens! 

If you haven’t grown any plants in your house yet, you’re unaware about the power that the plants possess. Adding indoor plants to your living area or any other place in your home adds beauty and character to your space and also filters the air inside. Plants such as English Ivy, snake plant, peace lily, rubber plant, aloe vera, etc. can purify the air. During winters you can grow your greens by adding a LED light. 

Sewer cleaning

According to plumbers sewer cleaning should be done once in a few years, but if you have many trees growing outside your house or where your main sewer line is, you should clean it at least once a year. Regular sewer cleaning will ensure that roots of trees are not growing in them or they are not clogged, because once they get blocked, you will have to go through some tough times. So to avoid such a situation, use a plumber snake to clean the sewer. 

Say no to toxins

Do you know that the chemicals and toxins you use to kill or prevent insects such as bugs or insects are more harmful than the insect themselves? Well, you should know now that the toxins pollute the air inside your home, which leads to an increase in the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer. If you want to get rid of insects, there is a healthier and better way :

  • Seal every crevice in windows, walls and floors. 
  • Make sure that you clean the kitchen properly before going to sleep. 
  • Close the food packages and container tightly. 
  • Use a trash can with a lid and throw away the waste daily. 
  • Use closed bait, traps and gel-based pesticides if required. 

Kitchen Hygiene is a must

Try maintaining a healthy pantry; don’t keep high-calorie food items. This will ensure that insects don’t get attracted and it will help you maintain a healthy diet. Apart from this, clean your kitchen tops every time you cook, especially when you cook non-veg items. Mop the floor immediately if you accidentally spill something on the floor. Before going to sleep, make sure that the kitchen is perfectly clean. 

I’m sure that nobody wants to reside in a dirty environment, all these tips will ensure that you don’t live in one. Follow these tips to lead a better, improved and healthy life.

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