Five Tips to Help You Pick the Best Food for Your Dog

Many people underestimate the importance of picking quality food for our pets. Some people just buy whatever dog food is cheap or accessible and then feed it to their companion without much thought. This is fine in most cases, but if you want the best for your dog then it’s important to dive a little deeper and understand what the best food for your dog actually is.

Read the labels and avoid marketing gimmicks

There are a number of different buzzwords and gimmicks that you need to look out for. For instance, if the package indicates a flavor like “steak flavor” or “chicken flavor” then the product is only required to have trace amounts of that meat. This means that a “steak flavored” product might only have a tiny bit of steak in it. It’s important to look at the exact protein content by reading the labels before you buy.

Study the ingredients and do your own research

It’s important to read the list of ingredients on the back to help you understand what goes into the dog food and what your dog is consuming. You should also do your research on those ingredients and any claims the manufacturer makes. For instance, many cheaper dog foods will include ground corn as a major component. While it’s perfectly fine for a dog to eat it, it doesn’t have as many nutrients as some manufacturers claim. By learning things like this, you can avoid marketing stunts and focus on ingredients that can give your dog all the nutrients they need.

Ensure that it has enough nutrients

When purchasing healthy food for dogs you need to check that it contains enough nutrients for the breed and age of your dog. Most packaged dog food will take care of this by having labels such as “for adult dogs” or “for puppies”. This will help you pick the right dog food for your exact dog, ensuring that they get all the healthy nutrients they need.

Communicate with your vet to understand your dog’s needs

No two dogs are the same and it’s important that you communicate with your local veterinarian so they can help you understand your dog. Your dog’s age, breed and even reproductive status play an important role in the type of foods they should eat. Understanding allergies that your dog has can also help improve their health and it ensures you’ll feed them quality dog food that they deserve.

Consider cooking for your dog

If you’re still on the fence about buying pre-made dog food, why not consider home-cooked dog food? It’s a great way to control the nutrients that your dog consumes and you can control everything that goes into it before you serve it. It’s also fairly easy to cook filling and tasty meals for your dog, and you’ll find plenty of unique recipes on the internet. However, it’s still important to understand your dog’s needs before you cook for them.

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