Five Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean And Dust Free

Five Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean And Dust Free

People are not confident having carpets as they know it is hard to maintain. True enough as carpets easily collect dust, molds, and dirt. But since it offers beautiful aesthetics in the house, some, even they know that it is challenging to maintain, they will still choose to have it as it improves the overall aesthetics of their home.

The carpet gives the house a perfect and elegant look no other pieces in the house could give. Worry not as much to those who want to give it a try, as there are ways to keep the carpet looking good and new.

If you are one of those people who are hesitant about the idea of using carpets, here are sure-fire ways to keep your carpet clean and dust-free.

Ways To Keep A Carpet Looking Good, Nice, And New

Stop the grime and dirt at your door

Do not let the grime and dirt enter your home. Putting a rag on the doorstep would encourage guests to wipe their shoes or feet before coming inside the house. You may also want to keep slippers at the door so they can remove their shoes right before they enter the house.

If no dirt and grime are coming into the house, there is no reason why your carpet will get dirty. You do not want anyone wiping their feet on the carpet so make it a practice in the household to wash and dry dirty feet before stepping into the house, especially carpeted areas.

Treat any stain as soon as possible

A stained carpet is definitely sore in the eyes, hence making sure that any stain is treated right away is a must. Actually, a new stain is easier to remove than a stain that already penetrated the carpet. The longer the stain stays on the carpet, the harder it is to remove.

Sometimes, a clean cloth and water are enough to remove the stain, if not, you may use a gentle soap to remove it. Different stains call for different ways for removal, there are many tutorials online you can read or watch to get tips on how to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Vacuum your carpet regularly

Yes, a vacuum is a lot better than the usual broom. Brooms have sharp edges that might scratch the carpet, and also it is not enough to suck dust in the carpet, unlike vacuum. You have to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, so dust is removed right away. Use a quality vacuum cleaner brand as they are better at sweeping up deep dirt particles. Batteries for cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to replace and helpful to keep an extra on-hand.

Keep pets away from it

Even how much you love your pets, it is best if you keep them away from the carpet. They do not know how to control peeing and pooping, and all these could create unwanted stains on the carpet. If you cannot avoid them from hitting on your carpet, you can buy them diapers.

A professional-level deep cleaning is necessary once in a while

And yes, once in a while, calling for a professional cleaning is advised. You do not need to wait for a stubborn stain or a soiled carpet to call a carpet cleaner that is voted best carpet cleaning in Knoxville, TN. You have to call them for a cleaning service once in a while to avoid any dust, dirt, and grime from piling up.

There are many carpet cleaners around, you just have to make sure you are hiring the best company there is. Do not hesitate to seek their service as even if it comes with a fee, you are assured that your carpets are well cleaned.

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