Five Ways To Make Your Family Room More Modern

If your house includes a family room, it’s likely to be one of the most used rooms in the house. If the rest of the house is designed to look contemporary, it can be hard to make the spaces designed for the family to feel modern, instead of a room full of stuff just for the kids. You can design your family room in a more modern way with these tips, and still keep it a great place for the family to spend time together.

Five Ways To Make Your Family Room More Modern

Contemporary house design can work just well as for a family house. Bring in some contemporary design elements, but keep things suited for the family at the same time.

Choose bright colors.

Modern homes often use very neutral color palettes or a lot of white, which is not always practical with young children. Instead, opt for vibrant tones that still feel modern, but more fun. Bring in color with bright throw cushions, colorful pieces on the walls, or by displaying family photos. Protect your carpet with a vibrant rug.

Buy some unusual seating.

If you have a big family, then you need lots of seating in the family room. Instead of opting for the over-stuffed sofa you’d expect, opt for something with a more modern shape. Pick a sofa with a sleek shape, and then add easy chairs in interesting, designer-looking shapes.

Add entertainment.

For a modern room, embrace technology. A big TV is ideal for movie or video game night. For a slick look, mount your TV onto the wall and make sure you hide away any trailing wires. While you’re working with wires, wire in a sound system too, to use for music or for watching movies. Don’t forget a games system and a DVD player too. Concealing as much as of this as possible helps to maintain a more minimal feel.

Add more storage.

Nothing ruins a minimalist finish like stuff everywhere. Build in as much storage as you can fit, like cupboards and shelving. Furniture that doubles as storage works well too, such as a coffee table with storage inside, or an ottoman. You can use this space to hide away toys, games, and DVDs, and keep the room looking more minimal and uncluttered.

Light it up.

Lighting is a big part of contemporary design. You need to make sure the room is well lit, by using a mix of ceiling lights and lamps. To keep things modern, choose for lights with a striking, contemporary look. As your lights are often up out of the way, you can choose something less child-friendly than you might be able to in the rest of the room.

Contemporary design is often thought of as not being the best choice for a family home. If your tastes are more modern or minimalist, you don’t have to sacrifice them just because you have kids. Be smart about your choices of shape and color when you’re decorating, and you can create a sleek space that still works for the whole family.

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