Fixing Up Your Front Garden To Improve Curb Appeal

Fixing Up Your Front Garden To Improve Curb Appeal

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the front garden is the most underrated feature of your home. People often talk about improving their curb appeal, and this usually gets them thinking about ways of improving the way the outside of their home looks. They may get a new driveway, throw a fresh coat of paint on their house, upgrade the windows, and so on. Likewise, people spend a lot of time taking care of their garden, but the focus here is on the back of the house.

For me, it’s rare that anyone takes a second to consider their front garden when they do either of the things mentioned above. After all, if you’re looking after your garden, then surely what happens out front is just as important as the back? Not only that, but if you’re really looking to improve curb appeal, then surely you can’t overlook your front garden?!

Taking this all into consideration, it’s time to bring your front garden into the spotlight for once. This article will explore all the different things you can do to make your front yard look great and improve the overall exterior appeal of your home. Check out the ideas right here:

Work On Achieving A Dark Green Lawn

If you want your front garden to look the part, then things start with your lawn. Taking care of your lawn is very important, as you should already be aware. In my eyes, your front lawn is definitely more important than your back one. This is because more people will see it, and more people will notice if it isn’t up to scratch. A yellow/dry/patchy lawn in your back garden is still an issue, but it’s not one most people will see. If the same problems are present out front, then it just makes your home look a lot worse. People assume you don’t take care of your property, and the bad lawn distracts them from other elements of your curb appeal. You could have the most gorgeous looking house on planet earth, but if there’s a disgusting lawn in front of it, then that’s all people will look at.

Clearly, lawn care is quite a complicated thing with loads of different issues to concern yourself with. The good news is there are companies like Atkins Inc. that offer maintenance services, which could help you out if you have loads of serious lawn problems on your hands. For the most part, you need to concern yourself with achieving two things; a dark green lawn, and a lawn that doesn’t become overgrown. The second of these things can be achieved by simply not forgetting to cut the grass regularly! The first of which is slightly harder, but you need to focus on watering your lawn, ensuring the soil offers good drainage down to the roots, fertilizing it, feeding it, and so on. The end result is a blinding lawn that automatically improves curb appeal. A nice green lawn brings your exterior together and shows that your property is well cared for. Plus it will also make people….green with envy!

Build A Low Garden Wall

Some people like to have their front garden quite open, so you basically go from grass to street in one step. There are benefits to this, the main one being that it gives the illusion that your garden is bigger than it actually is. But, there are also negative aspects as well. Primarily, anyone could accidentally walk on your grass and ruin it, or dogs could do their business on your lawn, etc. So, I think it’s a good idea to build a low garden wall at the front of your property. This helps separate your front garden from the rest of the street, but it also helps improve the overall look and feel of the garden as well. You may notice I specifically say low garden wall here instead of a normal wall, and I have reasons for this. Mainly, a high one looks a bit too over-the-top and will also hide your gorgeous lawn!

I love the idea of a low garden wall because there are so many ways you can build one. Of course, if you’re a great DIYer, then you can physically build the wall yourself. But, there’s nothing from with getting a company in to do this as they may be able to create elaborate designs that you can’t do. The main thing to think about is that the wall matches the design of your home. So, ensure the color of the bricks fits with the color scheme on the exterior of your property, so there’s no big color clash. I also think that a little wall will turn your garden into a nice little sanctuary at the front of your house. Sure, an open garden seems big, but it also seems too…well…open! With a wall in place, you’ve actually got a proper front garden that looks classy and beautiful.

Patio Pathways

When you look at ideas for your back garden, you often fall on the concept of having a patio area. This tends to be a nice part of your back garden with patio stones on the floor to add a striking contrast to the grassy part. Personally, I think you should bring this idea into your front garden as well. Naturally, there may be less space here, which is why you should think about patios differently. Instead of an actual area, use patio pathways instead. A nice pathway through your front garden can make it look so much better and really turn heads as people walk by. If you’re keen to improve the curb appeal of your property, then this is a super idea.

I love this idea for homes that don’t have a driveway – or have no need for one. What you can do is have a large front garden that covers all the outside of your home, but place a patio pathway up from the street to your front door. It creates a cool effect that people will be proper jealous of. Alternatively, you could just have a pathway at the top of your front garden that goes around the front of your house. This could continue down the side of your front garden as well, perhaps next to some plant bushes/flowers. This pathway is helpful for you to stand on if you need to water these plants as it stops you from ruining the grass, but it also serves as a visual aid to guide people’s eyes along the front of your home and down the side of the front garden where these pretty plants are growing.

Colorful Plants & Flowers

Of course, I just mentioned them then, and it’s vital that your front garden has some nice plants and flowers to improve the visual appeal further. When it comes to planting things in your garden, there are almost infinite possibilities for you to choose from. It really comes down to personal preference, but I also think you should focus on bright and colorful things. These help cast a shining light on your front garden and draw more attention to it. The way I approach curb appeal is thinking about it from the perspective of someone buying a home. What would I like to see that would really spark my interest in the property? If there are lots of bright and vibrant flowers in the front garden, then it instantly makes the property more appealing to me. Now, I know many of you probably aren’t selling your home, but that’s not the point. The point is you should do things that could attract potential buyers as this shows the curb appeal is great!

As such, you should do a bit of research into different flowers to find ones that are colorful, can be planted in your climate (this is important!), and will go well with your home. That third point is important as you don’t want color clashes happening with your home exterior. But, you can also use flowers as a way to complement certain things on your property. As an example, imagine you have a bright front door – which is a very trendy thing these days. If your door is bright red, then try and pick flowers that really accentuate the beauty of your red door. At the end of the day, it’s all about matching things together and painting different elements of the same portrait. As I alluded to earlier, I think the best place to plant these colorful things is at the side of your front garden so you can create the beautiful pathway that I mentioned as well.

Right, that’s all the advice I have for you regarding your front garden. Even typing that feels weird as I’m so used to talking about the back garden! There’s no denying this is an area of your home that receives hardly any attention – and yet, it’s probably one of the most important areas as well! Heed my advice and start improving your curb appealing by fixing up your front garden.

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