Four Essential Yard Care Tools for Homeowners


It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time homeowner or an experienced pro at lawn care, keeping the grass greener than the other side is always a topmost priority. Achieving a beautiful, green yard is easy if you have the right tools.

As innovation explodes within the yard care space, the number and type of tools one can use has also grown exponentially. However, the real question is – what do you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape? Not many tools. There are must-have tools and tools you can do without having in your yard care arsenal.

Here are four essential tools for every discerning homeowner.

1. The Hose or Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is crucial to the vitality of your yard. Your lawn needs two things; water and sun. Sun the atmosphere provides daily as long as the weather permits, water not that much. The hose ensures you can keep the lawn hydrated all round the clock – no matter the season.

Your lawn will need about an inch of water weekly to stay adequately hydrated, which is why sprinkler systems that allow you to set the water flow are much better than manual watering using a hose. If your budget doesn’t permit you to get a sprinkler system, you can always start with a tube, and use the “screwdriver test – Push a screwdriver 6 inches deep into the ground. If the tip is wet, then your lawn is hydrated – to test for proper hydration.

2. The Lawn Mower

The fanciest lawn mower is not always the best lawnmower. So don’t fall for that old sales ploy. This tool is the most important tool on this list, seeing that you’ll need to use it frequently. It is also the most significant investment you will probably make.

Easy maintenance is also a priority when considering the type of lawnmower to buy. You also need to consider the topography and size of your yard. There are no right and wrong choices, as long as you are clear about your requirements. You can pick between the best zero turn mowers or a gas-fueled lawnmower – as long as it fits the bill.

3. A Seed & Fertilizer Spreader

It’s not unusual to discover parts of your lawn graying out or patches of dead grass. Your dog, inconsistent hydration and many other factors could contribute to these bare or dying spots. What you don’t want to do is to be spreading seeds and fertilizer by hand once you set about to treat these spots. Doing that is back pain on steroids for most people.

A fertilizer and seed spreader solves this problem for you and gets it done faster. All you need to do is load grass seed or fertilizer and stand back to watch it work. The spread of the seed or manure is more consistent and even.

4. Leaf Blowers & Rakes

These two are not sexy tools, but they are essential. Fall can be a wonderful time of the year, but the side effect isn’t pretty. All the hard work you have put in the past six months gets covered by dead leaves in a jiffy. Here is where or a good rake or the best leaf blower come in handy.

The rake is also helpful for spreading manure and sand whenever you are treating your lawn.

The Bottomline

By now, you are clear about the arsenal of tools you need to create a lawn that gets your neighborhood jealous. While it takes time to build the perfect yard, these tools can help you get there faster, and have everyone coming to you for advice.

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