Four Reasons to Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning

Humans love quick fixes for their problems. Toothpaste for a burn. Aloe vera gel scooped from a plant if you’re too lazy to buy hair conditioner at the market. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar when your drain is clogged. But not everything that’s ‘natural’ is good for you. Often, natural fixes to modern problems do not make them go away. After all, there’s a reason human life expectancy increased after the invention of antibiotics. Here are four reasons why DIY plumbing is not such a great idea.

It is not always effective

There’s an old housewives’ trick for DIY plumbing. Pour baking soda and apple cider vinegar down the drain when it is clogged. We’ve all turned to our trusty bottle of vinegar when water won’t drain in the shower. But isolated experiments have shown the combination is not effective at cutting through grease.

On the other hand, there are different brands of chemical drain cleaners available on the market. These contain elements that are toxic to both pipes and skin. Over time, these may eat through your pipes and cause bigger trouble. Moreover, they will not eradicate the problem. The buildup will return after a few weeks and so on.

It does not allow for inspection

What meets the eye is not always the complete picture. Throwing some store bought chemical down the drain might give the impression that the problem has been fixed. But the problem may be worse. The pipes may have corroded over time, or there could be a dead animal stuck in your pipes.

A lot could go wrong

With a limited amount of information, you are not fixing the problem. You are fixing what you believe is the problem. There’s a possibility you may burst a pipe while tinkering with a drain. Because they are toxic, drain cleaners are not suitable for the septic system. If you get it on your skin or in your eyes, there’s a possibility of severe burns and rashes. Drain cleaner poisoning is possible even if you inhale some of the fumes. If you must use one, don’t forget a pair of sturdy gloves while handling. On the other hand, natural alternatives such as apple cider and baking soda may not cut through hardened grease at all.

Sometimes professional is better

You may think you can solve whatever is wrong with your plumbing. It could be a leaky faucet, a running toilet, a particularly slow drain. But only a professional can carry out proper inspections to figure out the root of the problem. They have the equipment and resources necessary to figure out what’s causing the blockage and how it can be fixed. They’ll carry out pressure and hairline tests. Moreover, they’ll also know the technicalities like when the water main needs to be disconnected and when pipes are not salvageable anymore. If you get yourself a good package, your plumbing services could include monthly maintenance to ensure your pipes are healthy, and in turn, the household is healthy.

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