Four Things to Consider When Replacing your Home’s Windows

A house’s windows affect more than just the amount of light in your home. From both outside and in, their style and design shape the house’s aesthetic. The type of window also affects how well the house retains heat.

Whatever the type of window, you cannot ignore their importance, and, at some point, you may have to replace them. As more people strive to be energy-conscious, you might want to switch your windows out for models that insulate better.

With so much to consider — style, design, insulation and how well they let in light — choosing replacements is overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when looking to find new windows:

1. Choose the right fitters

Be careful to research widely before agreeing on a company to do the work. Get a series of different quotes and talk with them about what they will be doing, what materials they will use, and any concerns you have. This is important for any work on your house, but particularly for windows.

First, you need to be sure you can trust them: a company that runs off without finishing, or just takes too long, is going to leave you with a gaping hole in your house.

Second, a job done badly can be a serious problem. If the windows aren’t fitted properly or they use cheap materials, gaps are liable to emerge between the frame and the wall, letting in wind and noise.

Many companies now offer emergency glass repair in case of an accident, which is well worth considering when choosing your provider.

2. The price of cheap windows

Replacing your windows is expensive, and for good reason. There’s lots of labor, materials, and time involved.

While you may wince at some of the prices offered by providers, try to avoid just going for the cheapest one. The pricier set of windows is guaranteed to last decades, and you may not even have to replace them again.

A good set of windows saves you money on heating and electricity bills, and protects you against the risk of burglaries. In the long term, saving money on your new set of windows may not save you further down the line.

3. Style and aesthetics

A home’s windows set the style of the house as much as anything else. Your replacements need to match or enhance your home’s current feel, or you can include the upgrade as part of a wider home redesign.

The new windows’ aesthetics is particularly important to consider if you think you will sell your house at some point in the future. You can earn back around 73 percent of the investment on replacement windows when you resell the house. However, a poor choice in windows can dramatically detract from the value of the house, due to the effect of interior and exterior design.


Replacing windows is a big job that will usually require clearing a lot of space in and around the room that is being altered. Major disruption is just part of the work.

You will need to clear away furniture, so if you haven’t got room for it to go somewhere else in house, arrange for it to be temporarily stored elsewhere. It is also best that small children and pets aren’t around getting in the way.

Most importantly, consider the time of year you are having the work done! If you’ve chosen to have the work done during the winter, ensure the contractors can do the job quickly so your home isn’t exposed to the cold and the rain for too long.

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