Four Types of Wall Decoration for Your Next Home Renovation

Whether it’s a stark, grubby wall or an expanse of bright and cheerful wallpaper, your walls can really make or break the atmosphere of a room. However, your options are not only limited to paint or wallpaper: there are a number of fun decoration options that enable you to brighten up your walls, even if you live in a rented home with limits to the amount of renovation you carry out. Read on to discover four types of wall decoration for your next home renovation.


As the classic wall decoration option, wallpaper provides your room with a statement background from which to offset your sofa and carpet. It is available in a range of styles to suit every taste and design scheme, whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern.

You could, for instance, go bright and bold with a large-scale floral or geometric print, or you could keep it more muted and understated for a softer look. There are many ways you can introduce wallpaper into your room without the risk of it becoming too claustrophobic. Why not have one eye-catching statement wall, with the others painted a complementary color, for example?


Another popular option for decoration is to paint your walls. You can paint your walls yourself, removing the expenditure of hiring a professional painter. However, a contractor such as a Boston General Contractor that can complete the painting and also other related tasks making it whole lot easier on you.  Choose a color that complements the rest of your décor and provides an ideal backdrop to your furniture and ornaments, or simply use a color that lifts your mood. You could even incorporate some color theory into your painting. For instance, paint your walls in blue for a calming chill-out space, or use a dynamic red for a room that will see a lot of entertainment.

Wall stencils

If you like the idea of painted walls but feel that single block colors will be a bit too bland, you could liven things up with wall stencils. These enable you to bring hand painted artistry to your walls without needing to be a master painter. Whether you want to bring the look of intricate Moroccan tiles or beautiful classic florals to your living room, there is a wall stencil to suit every taste. You could even decide to stencil only one wall that will make a bold statement, while leaving the rest in a striking block color.


Anaglypta is a striking type of textured wallpaper that first became popular in the Victorian era. However, don’t think that this unusual wall decoration is only available in classic designs: modern anaglypta patterns can give a room a strikingly contemporary look. Anaglypta is usually available in plain white, providing you with a blank canvas on which to customize by painting it in a color of your choice. You can also get textured wallpaper in a wood or brickwork design to bring a rustic look to your room without the commitment or maintenance.

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