Fun Design Ideas for Every Room in Your House

One of the best parts of owning your home is getting to finally put your custom touch into it. Redesigning your rooms from scratch or creating a theme is a fun way to spruce up the look of your place and inject some of your personality into it. There are so many different kinds of themes or design styles you can implement in your house. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.


Beach and Nautical Theme

If you love rich blue tones, soft white furniture and accessories, and love the look of the waterside cottages, then a beach and nautical themed redesign might be what you are looking for. Turning your home into a Hamptons-esque getaway can start with beach themed bathroom accessories, but every room can benefit too. White and blue stripes are a solid way to give you a relaxing resort vibe to your house.

Minimalist Design

Looking for something a little more subdued? The minimalist design style helps declutter your living spaces and is perfect for a modern looking home that still has a personality. The Scandinavian minimalist style blends interesting open concepts, with sophisticated rich colors. If you want to clear out the room and make it livable, then minimalist is a good idea.

Bohemian Style

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Bohemian design style. This house decor and interior design style take its inspiration from maximizing the space. It might seem cluttered to some, but to others, it brings life to any room with tons of decor, knick-knacks, and utilizing all of the space available to create a space that feels full of artistic life. Bohemian is definitely a style of the eclectic folks, but it offers you lush rooms filled with life and color – and plants are a must too.

Mid-Century Modern

If you want a more professional look but do not want to go the full minimalist route, mid-century modern is the way to go. This style balances the need for a useful space with purpose and sleek design. Wood accessories and furniture is a big part of the appeal, as is open concept spaces filled with light. Everything in these designed rooms is about balance and there is plenty of appeal in the professional style it offers.

Industrial Style

This one might be harder to pull off depending on your living arrangements, but it is a gritty, urban look that feels modern. Exposed brick, metal furniture, and strong features highlight the appeal of this style. If you have seen a modern city loft, that is what the look is. Exposed brick is not a must, but it adds to the cool factor. Some people find this style a little cold, but others might see the appeal in the mix of modern, urban, and timeless styles.

Choosing the best design to improve the look of your home is important. You see these rooms every day so you want a fun design that feels like it matches who you are. The styles listed here offer something for everyone and are sure to make you proud to call your house yours.

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