Garage Makeover – All You Need to Know About Garage Remodeling

Is clutter reducing the functionality of your garage? Perhaps you’re finding it hard to park your car. Or, your vehicles are taking up much space that you’ve no place available to store your outdoor equipment and tools. Maybe it’s time to get garage makeover tips.

If your garage is well organized, it can efficiently serve many functions. It can act as a workshop, warehouse, and sanctuary. By knowing how to store tools like toolboxes, rakes, and sporting gears, you can free up huge floor space.

Your first step of garage remodeling should be decluttering and figuring out how you need your garage to function. We have discussed important makeover tips that will help you in Garage Remodeling.

Garage Makeover - All You Need to Know About Garage Remodeling

Use magnetic storage panels for your tools.

Do you have a small budget for your garage makeover, all you need is some creativity and necessary supplies. To enhance efficiency and safety, store your tools in an organized, accessible space. Although toolboxes provide safe storage, it would be best if you can find the tool you need conveniently.

With a magnetic storage panel, you can have your tools on open display on a wall. It helps you save an incredible amount of space. Your devices will be neatly arranged, and you can quickly grab the tool you want.

Get a fold-down work station to save space.

Instead of investing in a permanent, over-sized work table that takes up much space in your garage, you can decide to have a fold-away work table that saves you space.

You can also opt for a wall-mounted folding work station. They have several advantages like:

  • You can collapse them when you’re not using them.
  • They offer a place to work.
  • Come with wall storage for tools.
  • You can easily find fold-away benches at hardware stores.


Install ceiling hooks to store bikes

Getting a storage space for bikes can be challenging. However, instead of leaning them up against the garage wall, you can take advantage of the free ceiling space.  Ceiling hooks are easy to implement and affordable.

Create overhead shelves for storage

Whether you’ve invested in totes, storage boxes, or crates that you store on the floor, you can create more space by having overhead shelves. They’re ideal for belongings you don’t frequently use, such as decorations, huge crates, and clothing. A strong stand can hold slightly over 500 pounds. The cost of one shelf will depend on how strong and big you want it to be.

Store like items and sporting tools together

If your children play sports, you know how tough it is to keep your sporting tools in order; instead of always struggling to find your tools, design bungee storage equipment on the wall. It makes work easier for you and saves space.

Things you need to keep in mind when remodeling your garage

People often make many mistakes when remodeling their garage. To avoid doing that, follow the tips below:

  • Learn the process – Every remodels aims at improving the existing space. Because of this, never rush the process or start when unprepared because you will waste a lot of money and time.
  • Create a budget – Not having a reasonable budget is a grave mistake for anyone planning to remodel their garage. You should start by estimating the total cost of remodeling on the higher end, especially if you’re adding new walls, electrical lines, and more.
  • Consider hiring an expert – Unless you have immense expertise and experience to handle a garage remodeling project, it would be wise to hire a professional to do the task for you. Remember to do proper research and ensure that the person you hire is reputable.
  • Have a proper plan – There are many garage makeovers out there, and all of them can confuse you. Choose the best by considering the space available and budget. If you’re planning to buy new material for remodeling, ensure you purchase heavy-duty material that will serve you for many years.

Final thoughts

When you have a functional garage, it doesn’t mean you keep it untidy. After utilizing these garage makeover ideas, ensure that the garage stays clean. You can do this by using a shiny and quality floor coating like epoxy. Such a coating resists oil, chips, and grease stains and is easy to clean. Although these makeover ideas look simple, they’re instrumental. They’ll help you transform your cluttered garage into an organized, open, and functional area.

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