Get Rid of Ants and Enjoy a Cleaner Home in 3 Simple Steps

Get Rid of Ants and Enjoy a Cleaner Home in 3 Simple Steps

Ants are common pests encountered in homes and commercial buildings. According to a 2011 survey by the National Pest Management Association ( NPMA), ant infestations are on the rise. And homes and apartments account for 82% of such infestations. Nonetheless, dealing with ants in the home can be frustrating, and there are ways to eliminate them.

What are the different types of ants?

Different things can attract ants to your home. These can be unsealed containers with sugary or cereal foods. Leaky pipes and moisture can also draw ants indoors. The common ant types are;

Sugar ants

Sugar ants are attracted by sugary foods and are dark in color. They crawl in and out of your home and can easily contaminate your food. For this reason, professionals from the Pointe Pest Control company advise homeowners to deal with these ants promptly. Otherwise, they can lead to infections and other costly damages to your home.

Pavement ants

Pavement ants are small and are black or brown. They build tiny hills of dirt, soil, or sand between slabs on your pavement. They are harmless and won’t cause structural damage to your property.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are black in color and bigger in size. They don’t eat wood like termites do but chew and regurgitate it to caret pathways. They can destroy wood items in your home. If you notice small piles of wood shavings in your home, you may be having these ants in your home.

Can ants harm my family members?

Ants can use their mandibles to bite, and the bites can cause pain and discomfort on the skin. They are not dangerous, but if you don’t clean the bite, this can irritate your skin and lead to an infection. Ants can also cause diseases; they move in and out of your home and pick and transfer germs into your home.

This means that bacteria and other disease-causing organisms in your outdoors can easily get into your food and water. For instance, sugar ants can easily contaminate your food due to their attraction to sugary foods.

How can I get rid of ants in my home?

Maintain cleanliness

Ants love trash and dirty areas. Always clean your home and maintain a clean environment. Empty all trash bins and avoid stagnant water in your home, which can be a breeding place for insects. Also, wash dishes after cooking; leftover foods usually attract ants.

Use insect sprays

Insect sprays are effective in controlling ants in the home. Use ones specifically formulated for indoor use, and wear protective gear when spraying. The chemicals can harm you, and you should take safety precautions when handling them. Use a mask to cover your nose and mouth to avoid accidental poisoning.

If unsure how to handle the products, engage professionals to avoid harming yourself and other family members. Also, acquire outdoor insect sprays for the flowers and outdoor plants. These make great hide-outs and breeding areas for insects.

Ensure proper food storage

Store your food appropriately, and always transfer food into clean containers after meals. Store leftover food in the fridge and avoid leaving sweets, sugar, and other sugary foods in the open. Seal all food containers to hinder ants from accessing your food.

The bottom line

It’s difficult to eliminate ants by yourself. It’s advisable to seek help from professional pest control companies before the ants cause damage to your home. These insects can not only transmit disease-causing organisms but can ruin your furniture. Therefore, maintain a clean home environment and involve experts who will use the best products and protective gear.

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