Going Primitive – Stripping Your Home Back

Nurturing a primitive style in your home can be quite challenging nowadays, with all efficient vinyl and everything else built to be maintenance free. However, bringing back a rustic style to your house doesn’t always mean having to compromise on convenience. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Let’s tackle the most glaring issue, vinyl window frames. Albeit these type of window frames offer huge advantages concerning energy efficiency, cost and maintenance, they are, in most cases, plastic looking and white. Painting over them usually does not solve this problem. You could consider getting black vinyl window frames for a better aesthetic look. An alternative to vinyl is of course wood. Wooded window frames can be more durable than vinyl ones, but they do require maintenance to make them last. Another alternative, for that ultimate primitive style, are steel framed windows. Extremely durable, but as wooden ones, they do require more maintenance and are less energy efficient.

While we are on the topic of window frames, have you considered the colors in your house? You can always go with bare walls and wood. But if you decide to add some color, think of a more rustic selection. Deep dark red, cream white, stone grey and green make good colors to bring the right color to your home. Then accentuate the colors with uplighters finished in brushed chrome or soft copper.

When sorting out the fencing around your home, you can go with the traditional white-painted wooden picket fence, or you can explore your wilder side with a metal fence. Sucker rods make brilliant fences, which not only look great, but they are super durable as well. Traditionally used on farms and ranches, they are guaranteed to bring an authentic feel to your property. And while we are on the topic of your extended property, have you considered your garden shed? As with your window frames, vinyl sheds are cost-effective, but they don’t have the charm of a wooden one.

Moving to the inside of your home, consider wicker furniture and patchwork. In the right setting, a stately peacock chair will transform the room, making it a focal point. Patchwork quilts and throws can complement most rooms. Go for light and romantic themes.

Wood has been mentioned a few times but needs one more mention when it comes to furniture. The usage of wood throughout the house cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to furniture. Even more so, reclaimed and salvaged pieces bring even more character to your home. If you ever come across the opportunity to purchase some reclaimed rail tracks or some pine flooring from an old factory mill, you should seize the opportunity to repurpose a piece of history.

These are just a few simple ideas when it comes to embracing a rustic and simple style for your home. The key is that you need to expect that it will cost time and effort. Which shouldn’t be a turn-off. As you care more for the things around you, you will appreciate it more. And more appreciation will lead to a life more fulfilled.


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