Great Gifts for Urban Adventurous Guy

Adventurous guys always like to be close to the action. They are unpredictable and hard to track. Bad weather does not intimidate them. They always push their limits and thrive higher. Finding a perfect gift for such a guy might be a tricky business, with so many options which tend to be pricey, so here are some ideas for gifts which will put a smile on every adventurer’s face.

Take him to an adventure

Instead of buying him gadgets he can use for his outdoor activities, you can take him to an actual adventure campsite. It would be a gift he would surely appreciate. Any type of adventure might be suitable, depending on his taste. You could consider hiking, jumping with the parachute, hang-gliding, or mountain climbing. Whatever makes the adrenalin flow is a perfect option. If you are an adventurous type as well, this could be a great activity you two can enjoy together.

Cycling Power Meter

A power meter is an excellent gift for a guy who loves cycling and competes in bike races. A power meter is a training tool that measures power output on the pedals. It’s used by professional athletes and cyclists to track their performance and progress. The data collected by a power meter can provide valuable insight on the rider’s performance and help them structure their training to reach their goals. If your guy is crazy about cycling, he’ll absolutely be ecstatic to receive a power meter as a gift. 

Solar chargers

If you still have your mind set on gadgets, solar-powered chargers are a great idea for outdoor men. These devices are small, light and make a great addition to any backpack. They can be rolled up in a cylinder and are compatible with smartphones, tablets and similar devices and there are versions that come with a USB stick and cover caps. This outlet-free charging gadget might come in handy when you’re into the great wide open.


For men who love to explore, a dependable backpack is an essential part of equipment, an item he will carry with him everywhere he goes. Every active man needs a useful backpack to store his biking equipment, tools, workout gear, or whatever springs to his mind. There is a wide selection of high-quality personalised backpacks suitable for any taste. This will come in handy for all adventures – from a small hiking to a backpacking through your favorite country.

The best adventure

Maybe the best gift for someone who likes adventures and travels is the best planned travel to a new country. For example, Australia has a lot to offer to anyone and especially for those who love to travel. Planning an adventure can be challenging so make sure to find a thorough Australia’s luxury travel guide and be sure you’ll see everything this country has to offer. In addition to that, make a list of everything you want to see and start enjoying your holiday.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm on a cold night of camping. They come in various designs; latest versions have zippers on either side and enable one or more bags to be zipped together. Some of them also include built-in slippers to walk around freely, as well as arm holes suitable for a wide range of actions. Make sure your guy feels comfortable and warm on his journey.


If your guy enjoys hiking, you could buy him a nice pair of durable leather boots. This type of footwear is perfect for long walking trails, splitting wood, or spending time around a campfire. These boots often come in a variety of colours to add a touch of fashion to outdoor activities.

Arm warmers

In chilly weather, arm warmers are a necessity for bikers who want to have their fingers free to manage breaks. They can also come in handy to any traveller who does not want to remove their gloves all the time for various actions. Arm warmers, especially those made of wool, keep your hands heated in cold weather and come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Mighty flasks

For every adventure guy out there, a sip of their favourite beverage to keep them warm on a long fall hike is just the thing they need.  Make sure the flasks have the right capacity (8 or 12 ounces) and that they are leak-proof to prevent him from worrying about wasting or spilling drinks on the gear.

Urban adventurous men thrive on adrenaline and excitement. They are resourceful and always ready for action. Urban landscape is the territory they have yet to mark. Finding them a perfect gift requires a little preparation, but with the right help you can show your guy how much you love, appreciate and support him.


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