Greece | Encounter the Romance of Santorini with Your Love

Greece | Encounter the Romance of Santorini with Your Love

How to get to Santorini

Take a lovely propeller plane and fly over the Aegean Sea from Istanbul. The story starts from the moment you set foot in Greece. From Athens, you can choose to arrive at Santorini by plane or by boat. The plane is a 50-minute sailing time; the boat is divided into slow boats (about 8 hours) and fast boats (about 5 hours). Basic Athens-Santorini boats There are only 1-2 classes a day, so you need to do a good job of planning. Also, you can go to Visa Express for your travel visa needs.

How to get to the small town of Santorini

After setting foot on Santorini, the first thing to do is to go to the hotel that has been booked. There are three ways:

  1. Taxis: Most taxis on the Holy Island can be carpooled. Just beckon and stop. Generally, it costs 15-20 Euros from the airport to the hotel in Fira town. If you are good at English, you can bargain with the driver. It is best to book a car in advance or communicate with the hotel to pick up and drop off so that there is no need to wait in line.
  2. Bus: The bus time from the bus terminal in the small town of Fira is from 7:00-20:00 in summer and 7:30-11:00 in winter. It takes about 1 hour. The exit of the airport has detailed stickers. Schedule. The bus takes 20 minutes from the airport to the town of Fira. The fare is 2.2 Euros.
  3. Rent a car: Renting a car on Holy Island is a more convenient way. The local car rental market is very prosperous, and there are car rental companies everywhere, so you are not afraid of not being able to rent them. The price of a car rental is about 50-100 Euro/day, plus the cost of buying insurance, etc., about 100-200 Euro/day. Prices may double during peak seasons, so be careful about this. We must have booked the itinerary. We will deliver the car directly to the hotel when we get off the plane, which saves a lot of effort.

Walk into Santorini

Fira Town

Fira is the commercial and tourist center of Santorini. The bus terminal mentioned above is here. From here, you can take a bus to several small towns on the west coast of Santorini. Although the places you go to are relatively concentrated, many small places cannot be married, but the price is quite cheap. If you are afraid of trouble, take a taxi!

Learn about the characteristics of Oia

The small town of Oia does have a world-class villa cliff hotel and sunset. However, it is also a very suitable place to hang out in various small shops, and there are more than N street artists performing from 5 to 6 pm. At night, the bar is so lively that it’s not boring at all.

Why is Oia famous for its beautiful sunsets?

One of the important reasons why the sunset here is beautiful is that the sunset will directly fall into the sea, unlike Fira, which is blocked by an island. It’s about 8 o’clock in summer when it is sunset. Those who want to watch it should arrive 1 hour in advance because there are too many people! If you don’t want to be crowded, then you can also sign up for someday trip yachts and watch them at sea. It’s so romantic!

Or you want to enjoy the inland scenery, travel to every beautiful place on the holy island, and feel the shock of the earth. You can also participate in a jeep travel photography group, there are only 6 people in a group at most! A driver and photographer will lead to the Blue Roof Church, Red Beach, ancient ruins, and other places to visit and take pictures. It must be beautiful~ Finally, return to the Oia Observation Deck to enjoy the sunset. In this place, we must fight our wits! Because a lot of photographers come here early to take pictures of the sunset.

Other famous attractions

When you come to Santorini, apart from eating and drinking wildly on the streets and alleys of Fira, you must go to the famous red sand beach, ancient ruins, and other places. From the small town of Fira, drive along the main road for about 40 minutes to reach the black sand beach in the southwest. Here you can fully enjoy the sunshine of the Aegean Sea and the unique black beach. Drink an iced coffee or taste a local light meal with wine, or experience some water sports.

Drive back about a 20-minute drive to reach the ancient ruins of Akrotiri in the south. With the well-designed drainage system, complex multi-story buildings, and gorgeous murals (existing in the museums of Santorini and Athens), you can imagine the city’s once prosperous, and it is said that this is the once-glorious “Atlantis” “. The entrance ticket costs 12 euros!

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