Green And Gorgeous: Bringing Bedrooms Into The 21st Century

Green And Gorgeous: Bringing Bedrooms Into The 21st Century

Modern bedrooms are multifunctional. Gone are the days when style was king and practicality took a backseat. Nowadays, bedrooms have to do both or else they are an unmitigated disaster. It’s a harsh rule of thumb I know, but it’s how people view space in 2018.

One issue which is as pragmatic as any other is saving the planet. Let’s face it – we only get one so it makes sense to roll up our sleeves and help. Obviously, the last thing any homeowner wants to do is sacrifice style for substance. We are only human and want homes to look as pretty as they are purposeful. Anyway, properties have to be able to mix the two. It’s just that being green and gorgeous isn’t as simple as it sounds. For one thing, the color itself isn’t synonymous with beauty!

But, because the planet means a lot to, well, the whole world, it’s important to try to balance modern bedrooms with eco-friendliness and beauty. That’s why this post is about to outline the methods which bring both features together. Drum roll, please…

Declutter With Care

In a bid to remove any trace of untidiness, homeowners like to run around the bedroom like a madman picking up anything in their path. Why is this a bad move, you ask? Mainly, it’s because going green and instilling beauty at the same time requires care. Grabbing the first thing which looks out of place may well ruin the balance of the room. What you should attempt to do instead is to remove the things which are unnecessary. Is there a stack of papers on the desk which is six feet tall? If so, sort through them and throw the trash ones in the recycling pile. What about dirty laundry – is it everywhere you turn? Again, sort through it and add it to the collection of clothes which need a spin in the machine. But, try and limit how many times you use the washer to regulate water usage.

Decorate With (Chemical) Care

Two features of modern bedrooms are flooring and walls. They are huge spaces which need covering to ensure the room doesn’t feel bare and cold. Regarding the walls, a modern method is to use paint. To be fair, it’s been around for decades, but painted walls are more popular than wallpaper these days. Flooring can be carpet, yet lots of people are going with hardwood or faux, laminate wood. As nice as they look, they are full of harmful substances and offgas chemicals for years after the fact. In paints, beware of VOCs, and, in flooring, watch out for benzene and xylene. The former is easy as you only have to look at the tin for the VOC content. The floors aren’t as easy, but a rule is to opt for tile or bamboo. Bamboo is excellent for modern bedrooms because it occurs naturally and is organic.

Be Mattress Savvy

To begin with, there are lots of old-school types that are full of flame retardant elements. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that, if they are fireproof, then they are toxic too. Choosing a new bed which uses natural materials such as wool, hemp, and cotton is a safer and healthier option. Plus, they look the part because they are no longer chunky lumps without any style. Read the article here to find out more about mattress layers. Secondly, the accessories play a part in both fashion and practicality. Obviously, bed sheets add to the overall look of the room, but they also impact the house’s carbon footprint. Thin sheets trap less heat, which, in the summer, is a natural cooler. Therefore, there’s no need to waste energy cooling down the house. In this case, simply cracking a window should suffice if the sheets aren’t breezy enough.

Reclaim Furniture

In this sense, “reclaim” doesn’t mean you have to set out why the furniture belongs to you. This isn’t the opening argument in a lawsuit! No, it suggests homeowners should focus on buying pieces that are second-hand or used. That way, the materials are being recycled and there’s no need to chop down another tree. There are multiple ways to reclaim bedroom furniture, but you should start with cast-offs from family and friends. Everyone has items in the attic or basement collecting dust and one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Alternatively, there are specialist sites which offer reclaimed-only furniture such as 1stdibs. To find out how to search Etsy and eBay, make sure you read this post. As always, don’t skimp out on the style because it’s a cheap option. The trick is to browse lots of listings to find pieces that fit the criteria.

Use Curtains In The Winter; Blinds In The Summer

For the most part, as soon as a feature goes up, it stays there until it’s time for a change. From both a functional and interior design point of view, it isn’t a great mantra to follow as bedrooms should change with the seasons. Now the spring is here and the summer is on the way, certain things have to go. As the saying goes, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Of course, all the changes need have a practical use, which is where curtains and blinds come into play. Curtains are thicker and more insulated, and that makes them a perfect partner for the colder months. Not only do they trap heat and lower energy bills, but they help create a darker, gloomier mood. On the flip side, blinds are airier and allow heat to escape much better. Aside from creating a brighter atmosphere, they keep the room cooler and fresher.

Think About Lighting

On the topic of light, let’s focus on the ambient variety. Sometimes, the sun’s UV rays aren’t enough to illuminate a bedroom’s best features. In its time of need, it requires lamps and lanterns to add to the effect. However, the wrong bulb will limit the style and substance of the room. For one thing, non-eco-friendly bulbs give off heat and waste electricity. But, they won’t light the right amount of light and will fail to shed light on the boudoir.

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