Guide on How To Disable Google Assistant From Your Device

Google Assistant and its many features are already widespread by now. Nevertheless, the program is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant designed by the experts at Google, one of the world’s most massive and growing internet companies, for those who do not know yet.

Apple devices can also enjoy the benefits of the digital assistant as a separate app from the App Store. You can use voice and text to communicate with the Application. Google Assistant can execute various activities.

This virtual assistant can search the web, create modifications to the setting, schedule notifications and meetings, set a timer, and display different details. Google also focused on more specialized functionality, such as object recognition using the lens on your smartphone, transferring money, recognizing songs, and much more.

Google Assistant is outstandingly accessible across over 90 countries, with over different languages on display. The guide is used by over 500 million individuals every month, with the Application convenient throughout over 1 billion devices.

How to Disable Google Assistant From Your Smartphone

Although Google Assistant certainly assists millions of users in handling and managing daily tasks, a nuisance can also happen. The Google Voice application is not always operating with extreme precision. Furthermore, while you can modify using Google’s voice recognition with the Google speech recognition app, it can still often screw up.

This Application addresses the voices of other users or even just the TV. Also, the app will hear into your discussions. You might want to deactivate the device entirely for these purposes, and possibly several more. By heading to Google’s configurations, you can do this with minimal effort. 

The first thing you need to do to disable Google assistant is to open the Google mobile application and look for “More” and click on it. Next, tap on “Settings” and then on “Google Assistant.” At that, shift to the next “Assistant” tab, and scroll to the bottom to “Devices Assistants,” and then tap “Phone.”

You can also select any other device connected to the Application to the app you wish to remove and switch the “Google Assistant” option to off. Instead, you can ask Google to do something for you if you don’t wish to follow a lot of steps. To do that, you can say, “Hello, Google, turn off.” Google Assistant will then lead you to how to do that.

How to Disable Google Assistant For Your Smart Device

The famous voice assistant of Google exists far beyond mobile phones. This system also works with other smart devices, such as smart TV or Bluetooth devices, as mentioned previously. When you have it linked to these applications and want to remove the feature, it is convenient to do so. 

Only take the same procedures and do so under “Assistant Apps” on other linked phones. But, if you want to remove it at specified times and not delete it entirely, there’s a solution to do it too. Open the Google Home application first, and press Home. 

Pick a gadget from the menu after that, and press the gear icon to load up the settings. You  actually will now choose “New Week” and “Digital Wellbeing.” It would be best if you verified all the devices that you want to use this program. Now tap “Next” and either configure your plan or pick a current one. Choose your begin and end times after that, press “Next” and then “Done.”

How to Turn Google Assistant On

It is vital to know that Google Assistant doesn’t suit all mobile devices. If it is allowed by your phone and it does not react to your voice recognition, see if it is on. All you need to do is open the Google application on your smartphone, browse it, and tap the “More” button. 

Tap “Settings” next, and then “Google Assistant.” After that, toggle to the next “Assistant” tab and travel down to find “Assistant Devices” and then tap “Mobile.” You can also click any other device that has a link to the Application you want to trigger. Finally, turn the “Google Assistant” switch to on.


Now since you fully understand how to deactivate Google Assistant easily, you can tick the task off your checklist and save yourself the hassle. So you can switch it on or only appointment times when you want it to appear.

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