Guide to Keeping Balustrades in Your Home Safe and Secure

Guide to Keeping Balustrades in Your Home Safe and Secure

Balustrades are one fixture in the home, that you can never go wrong with. This feature adds beauty to different areas of the home including balconies, decks, as well as staircases. While balustrades do not require as much maintenance as other regular fixtures in the home, it is still important to check them in order to extend their lifespan and ensure your safety. As expected, the tips for keeping the balustrades in your home safe and secure are very simple and straightforward. Check these tips below.

Tips For Keeping Your Balustrades Safe

The Height:

The height of your balustrade is a very important aspect to consider. It is very important that the balustrades installed in every area of your home is at least one metre above the surface that it stands on. The surface is not limited to concrete floors but only includes paving and tiles. Any balustrade that is under a metre high, possesses a safety hazard in the home. This is because such a balustrade is short enough to be climbed by children or pets. It is, therefore, crucial to make them tall in order to avoid the occurrence of such accidents.


The design goes a long way in determining the safety of your balustrade. You should opt for a design that is safe for every member of the family. It is important that the balustrade is not too low, as this can be risky and dangerous. Talk to a professional designer to come up with a unique design that suits your home. Be it horizontal or vertical balustrades, you can be sure to get an impressive design. When it comes to choosing between horizontal and vertical balustrades, you do not have to worry about either option being outdated. This is because horizontal and vertical balustrades blend in perfectly with modern interior decor.

Tension and Fixings:

Balustrades that are made of tensioned wire can be easily checked for looseness. You must check the looseness of your balustrade from time to time, to ensure the safety of kids and other occupants of the home. The fixings should also be checked, with the distance between the balustrade very crucial to the safety of occupants of the home.


Keeping your balustrade clean also goes a long way in ensuring that it is safe and secure. Avoid leaving your metal balustrade dirty, as this usually results in rusting. It is easy to clean it using a soft cloth and soap solution. If you have glass balustrades, you can easily wipe it down using a soft cloth and water. Also, be sure to look out for loose screws and bolts when maintaining your balustrade.


As much as balustrades add an aesthetic touch to the general outlook of the home, they still have important functions. It is therefore important that you prioritize both functionality and aesthetic value when installing your balustrade. Contact a seasoned professional for the best results when it comes to balustrade installations.

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