Guys, is it Time to Add a Waxed Cotton Hat to Your Wardrobe?

Guys, is it Time to Add a Waxed Cotton Hat to Your Wardrobe?

Waxed cotton or waxed canvas is a tightly-woven cotton material that combines magical ingredients like paraffin or natural beeswax in its construction. Waxing makes this fabric rain or waterproof to help keep things dry reliably. For centuries, artisans have been using this waxing technique on sports gear, outdoors and military clothing, and even in apparel construction. 

The waxed cotton culture has thrived at home ever since their natives first introduced it to the world by trading in waxed canvas wares during the middle ages. Today, there are garments with this specific pattern of wax coating all over Europe – including Ireland and Great Britain. The goodness of this material has gained enough popularity across other countries also, due to which even American hat lovers can enjoy its comfort and style. So if you were hunting for some unique varieties in mens hats, this could be the one to try and explore.

More reasons to go for a waxed cotton hat

Like a well-worn leather jacket, waxed cotton hats will scuff up over time. Like a favorite pair of shoes or an old sweatshirt, those scratches and stains won’t wear quickly, though. But it shouldn’t bother you because this particular trait can help you tell stories of your world or day tours that you embarked upon for your quest for greatness. To be precise, you can look at this hat as something as unique as you are. 

On top of all those mentioned advantages, waxed cotton is also a more eco-friendly alternative than leather. You may ask how? Well, it doesn’t require animal hides to get made and has proved over time to be far more durable in terms of repelling water than other materials. With this, you can also expect greater flexibility and comfort. You can wear your waxed cotton hat in any season and enjoy the look it helps you create with your overall ensemble. Don’t you believe this?

Styling look with waxed cotton hats for men

Suppose you pick the rust color for your hat and plan for a full-day outdoor trip. If you want to look fresh and vibrant, you can pull out your jeans, denim jacket, boots, and this hat. With a rust hat, you can wear many shades. So there is no restriction as such. But you can choose a white shirt to play safe. However, white can get dirty soon. Hence, the other option can be selecting your plaid shirt. Anything in a red and blue pattern would do fine. 

Hats tend to become a part of a person’s personality quickly. That’s why you don’t have to put extra effort to carve your look, whether you select this or any other material. But if you need to be experimental with your picks, it can be one of the safest decisions. You don’t have to think about looking too dressed up or down for an occasion. It will always complement your choices. Make sure to look for it in a trusted store with lots of experience and credibility in hat-making to avoid quality issues. 

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