Hard Realities of Being Poor

There is nothing traumatizing than living the life of poverty. The experience that comes with living this kind of life is one that nobody wishes to encounter. The simple breakfast, for example, that you leave unattended, you should know that there is someone out there hoping that he or she could get a slice of it. Well, that’s how it feels like being financially unstable. You sleep, not knowing what awaits tomorrow. Without saying much, here are some hard realities of being broke.

Getting fired from a job

Say, for example, today, you wake to a message that you have been dismissed from your company, and your company is closing doors. That’s one message that not many people can handle. Unfortunately, it’s part of life. Companies shut doors, and others open. So, it’s part of life.

When you wake up to such an experience, what will be your first reaction? The chances are that you will stress over it for some time, and then follow up on your compensations before working on a plan to get a new job. Sadly, for the poor, the story is different. Most of these individuals lack the needed paperwork and hence get employment through favor. Therefore, whenever they receive such a message, it means the end of the world as they have no hopes of finding another job any time soon.

Escaping poverty is next to impossible

Being poor is like being in a hole with no way to get out. Every time you try to hold onto a root, it breaks out of your weight, and you are back to even a worse position than you were before. Well, that’s how it feels like being broke. You wake up every morning to problems that never seem to end. Say, for example, your landlord issues you with a 30-day eviction notice. When broke, you will cling on the notice, buying time with the issued timeframe. Within time, you may be lucky to get some little cash and secure a new place to live. But, then again, you don’t have money for food. Such cycles keep on recurring, making it hard for you to get out of the zone. But, with time and help, of course, you can uplift your life to a better position.

Your circle gets smaller

Say, for instance, you wake up in an emergency; you need to rush to the hospital. Your bank account is telling you to stay at home. In such a dilemma, your first reaction will be to ask for support from your buddies. On many occasions, your close friends will be willing to chip in a soft loan.

It’s so easy to get a soft loan when you are well off. But for the poor, the struggles are real. First, even affording credit to make that call is a problem. Another thing, even those people that you thought were friends or close family, won’t be willing to help you. Most of them will also conclude that you are trying to rip them off. The assumption is triggered by the fact that you are always borrowing for problems that never seem to end. Some won’t want to even associate with you and may end up ignoring your calls in times of need.

There is a type of poverty that’s brought about by one’s own mistakes or illnesses. Say, for example, you fall ill and end up spending all your fortune-seeking treatment. Whether you were born poor or got yourself in a mess, soft loans can help you get off the bracket and sought the issue at hand. According to loan specialists from https://www.loanry.com/, you can shop around for loans to seek the emergency treatment, boost your business or pay your college fee while you seek an alternative. One good thing about heading to such platforms for a loan is that you can be sure to access finances as soon as you need it. With the soft loans, you no longer have to go begging every other friend for help.

When poor, your health is no longer important

Say, for instance, today, you have a family doctor. Besides, you have the power to travel any place and seek special care when your doctor recommends. Sadly, for the poor, that’s not always an option. When poor, you will no longer care about the state of health. On many occasions, you will find yourself choosing to buy food over your health with the hope that the illness will disappear by itself.

People will take advantage of you

There is nothing that feels more annoying than living your life, not knowing what awaits tomorrow. You will be willing to do anything if it promises to get you out of that level. Unfortunately, many people out there will use your desperate moment to their advantage. Some will go ahead and give you jobs that don’t match what they pay. Some even go to the extent of abusing you sexually because they know that you can’t speak out, and you don’t have the power to sue them.


Being poor is a state that those who find themselves there wish it was a dream, and that they would wake up one day and things are back to normal. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Unless you wake up a different person, if you are broke, that’s your state until things are better. Highlighted in this article are some of the things individuals go through when broke. You can never understand these challenges unless you have ever found yourself down that hole.

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