Have You Scheduled a Carpet Cleaning Service? This is How to Prep Your House for the Visit

If you have opted for a carpet cleaning service, then there are a few things that you can prep and get ready before the professionals show up. It is always a good idea to have a handy checklist ready, one that you can refer to to get the rest of your home ready in time. Here’s a checklist that you may want to review especially if you have scheduled a carpet cleaning in house cleaning services near Naperville.

Have You Scheduled a Carpet Cleaning Service

Steps to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning


The first thing that you need to do is to give your place a thorough cleaning and that you end up removing most of the unwanted furniture as well as dirt from the room. Just spruce up the place before the professionals get there but try not to go overboard. If you are yet to book an appointment, you can do easily by searching online for upholstery cleaning in  Brisbane and that should help list out some of the top-ranked carpet and upholstery cleaning agencies in and around your location.

Remove fragile items

You may also want to remove all those fragile and breakable pieces away from the main room. You may want to take this opportunity to dust, clean and store them safely away. And after the carpet cleaning is done, you can bring them out again.

Remove the clutter

One of the issues that most upholstery companies face when it comes to residences is the clutter. So it would be a good idea to go over the room that is going to be cleaned and make sure that it is clutter-free. You need to organize your stuff, make sure that everything has a place and more importantly, that you remove the rest.

Pre-cleaning inspection

A professional cleaning company usually insists on a pre-clean check-up. You may want to use this opportunity to point out to them what else you need to be cleaned up from the room before the actual cleaning begins and they would be more than happy to help you.

Stains and spots

A difference between DIY carpet cleaning and using a professional is they may have better working treatments for all kinds of stains. If you have any stains or spots on your carpet or upholstery, then the pre-inspection checkup would be your best time to convey the same to the vendors. Tell them about the concerned spots and tell them how it occurred and what you need the same to be taken care of immediately without a hitch. Most companies would be more than happy to do so but do remember that they may charge extra for intensive clean up. It is essential that you make a recording of all and any requests you make of the professional cleaners. You can always hire another professional cleaner; all you need to do is to Google search for “Carpet steam upholstery” and you should get more than a handful of results for your current location.


You may also want to keep your pets in a different part of your home while the cleanup is taking place. Pets, and especially dogs are bound to get excited when there are newcomers about. Given this, you may want to ensure that your dogs are carefully tucked away from prying eyes and as a result, they do not get excited at all. Your new cleaners would appreciate the fact that you have your pets in a different part of your home while the cleanup is on. This should enable the cleaners to clean up your carpet and other upholstery in a more efficient manner than what you had been used to until now.

Organic matter

If you are trying to clean Urine or some other organic matter out of the carpet, the process listed is a little different from the ones listed here. You would be required to hand over the carpet to the cleaners for a thorough cleaning and after which, the same would be returned to your residence after a full clean up.

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