Healthy and Happy Hounds: 5 Nutrition Know-Hows For Your Pet

Healthy and Happy Hounds: 5 healthy dog nutrition tips

We are told time and time again what we should eat, how much water we need, and what type of vitamins are good for our bodies. Knowing how to look after yourself becomes second nature to you, but when it comes to puppy power the lines can often be blurred. Depending on your breed of dog they will need different types of nutritional support to keep them happy and healthy. There are, however, a few healthy dog nutrition tips that will come in handy for every loving dog owner.

5 Healthy Dog Nutrition Tips

1.Mix It Up

I bet you eat a wide variety of foods every day and your dog wants exactly the same. You can add a mixture of exciting, new foods into your dog’s diet and he will love you for it. Try this
dehydrated raw dog food by trudog, which has so many amazing benefits for your pup’s health. Spicing it up not only makes each mealtime more interesting for your pet, but it also ensures they are acquiring a wide range of nutrients to keep them happy and healthy.

2. Perfect Portions

We all know what happens to humans when they overeat and the same thing goes for dogs too. If they sat in the kitchen all day chomping down on their favourite doggy treats, then their health is going to suffer as a consequence. Make sure you are controlling their portion sizes and take into account their breed too. Your vet will be able to monitor their age and weight so that you know you’re feeding them the right amount of food.

3.Sensible Snacking

We are all guilty of giving our pets one too many treats because they did something cute, or went to the bathroom on cue. However, if you keep giving them these naughty snacks then they will begin to expect them every time they do something good. Positive reinforcement is not necessarily a negative thing, but you need to make sure that you are controlling the snacks your hand out to your pup.

4. Marvelous Minerals

A well-balanced diet that is full of vitamins and minerals is all your dog needs to thrive in life. You might find that dietary supplements can be really useful to your pet too, especially as they need a little boost of Omega 3 in their diet to keep their skin and behavior in check. Investigate some of the best supplements for your breed of dog and give them a try.  Supplements like glucosamine can be very beneficial, visit to learn more. You can also add Perfect Poop to your dog’s support supplement to heal their digestive system and maintain a healthy balanced gut microbiome.

5. Terrific Timing

Try and keep the meal times of your dog as consistent as you can. You tend to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a similar time each day, so your pet deserves the same routine. This will not only allow you to monitor their meals carefully, but they will know when feeding time is approaching. Keeping it consistent will help them to regulate their behavior and when they need to use the bathroom too! Think of them as your baby; a good routine will mean they are enjoying a healthier and happier life.

These healthy dog nutrition tips help you treat your pup to the nourishing food, snacks, and structure they deserve. Allow them to live a healthy and happy life in a loving home and know that you are doing a great job in looking after them.

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