Here Are 6 Ways to Secure Pet Doors


Here Are 6 Ways to Secure Pet Doors

Secure dog doors are a necessity for pet owners who want an accessible house for their pets. These customized doors allow cats and dogs to roam independently in and out of your home. They save a deal of time and resources on the part of the owners, particularly when the pets need to go out to accept the call of nature. However, amid all the support that pet doors provide, they still provide access to intruders. By taking some very easy steps to protect your pet door, you can enjoy the comfort of giving your pet the ability to come and go as required without any fear of burglary or intruders.

Here below we have listed 6 ways you can secure your pet door without any stress:

Use a pet-door that fits only your pet

Pet doors differ in size. A pet door that is too wide will only give looters or larger animals a chance to enter from outside. Getting the same sized door as your pet means, that no other animal of a larger size will move through a small door. The size of the pet door must be equal to the height of your pet’s back, and the width must be adequate for your pet’s shoulder to be comfortable. We usually try to find better looking or big doors but that’s what gets us in trouble.

Improve the Privacy of your home

A home that is very accessible to the sight of people from the outside is prone to theft and invasion. Having this weakness would capacitate onlookers to realize the vulnerability of your locks, access points, and valuables. Installing curtains or blinds in your windows may help conceal your belongings, security systems, and more so your private life from the eye of the public, keeping your private possessions out of others’ attention.

Check the safety of the pet door

Modern pet doors include a board that swings up and down and frames that connect the pet door to the entrance gate. Today, as an advancement, new pet doors feature advanced locking mechanisms that protect both the main gates and the pet door. If you’ve already built a pet door and you’re not happy with its safety capability, you might want to get add-ons. When you go out to buy a Pet-door make sure all the traditional safety measures are loaded.

No valuables in pet-door accessible rooms

Locks can only do so much to protect your house. Under the worst scenario, burglars will push big sticks into pet-doors to bring valuable things inside. To avoid theft or loss of valuable assets when animals or humans break into your home, store your essential possessions, such as computers, mobile phones, and costly objects properly instead of placing them abandoned in general.

Beware of Dog Sign

It does not matter if you have a dog that doesn’t even need a “beware” sign, it’s a good reason to put one up in your lawn or close to your front door. Intruders have simple targets, and a home with an animal that might warn residents and neighbors is not one. So go on and put this small investment in place which proves worthy of it. Make sure it’s bold and clear so that it is visible from a distance.

Go for more security options

Doors can be violently flung open, and locks can be unscrewed or broken to allow intruders to enter. Purchasing other surveillance systems may help postpone or prevent the invasion of your house by robbers. The following are innovations in home security that you can use as an add-on to your pet-doors.

  • Security cameras -. You can’t keep track of the entire entrance of your house 24/7. This is where the Security cameras are useful. All potential ways of accessing the interior can be the target of cameras as you wait and watch the video from your bedroom or cell phone.
  • Sound Alarms – Some people enter your house by intrusion during the night while you sleep. It’s a positive thing that audio alarms start playing sounds as soon as they detect heavy movement.

The idea of a home invasion could also be disturbing, even worse if you learn that the burglars used the pet-door to enter your house. Keeping your house away from the radars of robbers can be a simple task if you know how to take good care of your belongings and your relatives, including your pets. These tips would surely help you to secure your dog-door.


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