Here Is How You Deal With Ex-Wife Drama

Here Is How You Deal With Ex-Wife Drama

The divorce is finally over. You are ready to create a new life and reach your personal happiness eventually. You are ready to let go of your past. But what if your wife doesn’t? What if she continues breaking into your life? What if she constantly crosses your boundaries, violating the rules you have agreed to?

This is the case when you need to get armed with the strategies on how to deal with ex-wife drama. Explore the ideas and get ready to deal with over-emotional and intrusive ex without hurdles.

Be Honest

If the divorce is not enough for your former spouse to understand that you’d better go different ways, and she keeps poisoning your life, it is time to get honest. You shouldn’t stay silent or discuss the trouble with everyone but her. Instead, come clear with your ex and state that it is definitely over between you two, and you are ready to create a new life, so she should move on too. Honest discussion may calm your ex down and erase all the misunderstandings between you.

Limit Interactions

As soon as you realize that you expect great drama on your ex’s side, you should limit the possibilities for her to intrude in your life. Communicate and see each other less. Interact only when you need to perform your co-parent duties. Use digital tools to limit your communication to messengers and updates. This way, you will tempt your ex-wife to spoil your day less and be able to live your life in peace.

Avoid Ambiguity

The worst thing you can do when dealing with ex-wife is act inconsistently. You may set strict boundaries one day and act sympathetically and kindly another time. But she will see a hint that you may come together and reestablish your relationships. This will only make things more complicated. So, try to stick to a similar attitude not to give any false hopes and reasons for another drama when the real state of things is revealed.

Be Cold-Headed

There will be no drama unless you play your role in it. It is difficult to remain calm when your ex is doing everything to get you out of control. One word here, another there, and a simple conversation is turning into a serious argument, poisoning the life of both of you.

In case your wife tends to make drama out of nothing, your bickering will never stop. So, there should be a wise person in the situation. You’d better ignore her attempts for drama, turn everything into a joke, or just step away from the argument. This will save your day and your health in general.

Try to Understand

There are many reasons your wife may be playing drama after your divorce. Maybe she is still in love with you. Cannot overcome changes. Have financial hurdles. Find it difficult to transfer from the role of housewife to an office worker. You may act tolerantly and try to understand her emotional instability, even support your ex. Still, remember not to cross the boundaries not to give any false hopes about your relationships.

Don’t Intrude

Trying to bring peace in your own life, you may look for ideas on how to deal with ex-wife problems. But remember that you are not married anymore, you are not in charge of her situation, you are not obliged to decide for her. On one side, you may give your spouse false hopes, while on the other, you may make things only worse by trying to help. So, it is better not to get involved with your ex-wife’s life too much.

Set Boundaries

As long as you choose to ignore your intrusive ex, she should know and respect your boundaries. Set the rules for yourself and announce some to her. If your ex decides to play dirty by stalking you over the phone, threatening your new partner, or playing drama at your workplace, steer clear that you won’t tolerate such behavior. After all, you can always apply for appropriate restrictive orders.

Concentrate on Your Own Life

You should concentrate on your own life. You are also in a post-divorce period as well, need to make multiple rearrangements, and face the changes to use them for your benefit. If you are over-concentrated on how to deal with ex-wife drama, you will lose touch with your own issues, and your personal troubles will double in the end.

So, if you have a former spouse poisoning your life, talk it out with her, deal with the issues you can and have to deal with, and move on to recreating your own happiness after divorce so that she can do the same as well.

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