Holiday Entertaining Ideas around Your Woodfired Pizza Oven


Holiday Entertaining Ideas around Your Woodfired Pizza Oven

A woodfire pizza oven is a great addition to any home. It not only serves well as a cooking appliance but also as a heating solution. Pizza ovens come in a wide range of designs and open endless possibilities for entertainment uses. Here are a few holiday entertaining ideas around woodfired pizza ovens.

Pizza pool party

If you have a pool and a pizza oven it’s only imperative to host a pizza pool party. There is nothing as entertaining as a pool party with an endless supply of homemade pizza. You can go the extra mile and theme the party to your own preference. Moreover, a pizza oven can serve to prepare several delicacies that make for a good buffet.

Birthday party

A woodfired pizza oven can make your birthday party a memorable event. Pizza is the go-to food for any birthday party. A homemade supply is enough to keep your party entertaining. All your guests are certain to enjoy hot pizza delicacies. A pizza oven allows you to offer several flavours for your guests to enjoy.

BBQ and pizza party

Although BBQ and pizza are not first choice combinations for a party, they are ideal if you have both enthusiasts attending. The two summer delicacies are simple to prepare and both can be made in a pizza oven. If your pizza oven is big enough you can make your BBQ and pizza at the same time. However, a grill rack would be important to keep your BBQ off the oven floor. The dual preparation saves time and energy.

Graduation party

Pizza makes any event fun and this stays true for a graduation party. A woodfire pizza oven is an excellent centerpiece for a graduation party. Moreover, it’s a great source of pizza, the ideal delicacy for any party. Pizza also allows you to serve a large number of guests. Considering it’s a delicacy best eaten with bare hands, it saves you the need for cutlery and dishes. Cleaning up is easy

Pizza cooking class

Eating pizzas is fun but so is making them. If you have a pizza oven then you have the perfect reason to host a pizza cooking class. Get your friends and family together for a class and share your skills. If you are still new to the craft, you can hire a professional chef and learn from the best. Those who are not enthusiastic about learning the art can still enjoy pizzas after class.


A pizza oven is versatile. It not only serves as the ideal appliance to cook pizza but also an excellent heating solution. Since most nights tend to be cold, a pizza oven can substitute a fireplace. After serving your meal you can get cosy around the oven and enjoy the evening with family and friends.

There are several ways you can use your pizza oven to entertain family and friends through the holidays. Get creative and put your pizza oven to full use. If you don’t have a pizza oven and you were looking for reasons to get it, now you have many.


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