Home Decor Ideas For Linen Lovers

Love natural and cozy style? We know what to offer to you!

Linen is one of those natural fabrics that are loved and appreciated probably all around the globe! We enjoy its softness and the comfort it gives, but why do we mostly make use of it for clothing or, in a better case, for home textile?!

To fix this misunderstanding, we offer you a few easy and creative ideas on how to incorporate this material into your living space to make it look elegant and homey.

Where to Make Use Of Linen At Home. Decor Ideas

Let’s be honest, not all of us adore linen. Even though this fabric has tons of beneficial traits, quite many people say it to be somewhat harsh to the body. But what excludes them from the lines of linen fans is the fabric’s predisposition to shrinkage.

To tell the truth, linen does shrink since it is a natural sort of fiber, but the effect will anyway not be that dramatic! However, most of us prefer dealing with simpler materials that are much less demanding.

And if you belong to those who would rather go buy some polyester than dealing with linen apparel. we have a piece of good news for you. Why not make use of it for your home decor instead?

Some might object to it by saying that this fabric does not belong to the cheapest ones, and that is true. However, it is still possible to afford yourself some minor decoration using linen that will not hit your family budget.

1. Pillowcases

Colored or not, linen is an ideal option for pillowcases and cushion covers. The dyed material usually has quite subtle colors, and its natural hue is close to light-beige or even greige which creates a very calming and cozy feeling.

2. Kitchen textiles

Towels, tablecloths, and napkins are all that we make use of daily in our kitchens. So why not make them look nicer after all?! The material is rather durable thanks to its natural origin which means the items will not get wear and tear soon enough, and that is the major requirement for any kitchen stuff.

3. Curtains and blinds

For this decor idea, you will need pretty much linen of course, but believe us, it’s worth it. Such blinds look stylish and homey, besides, they have a good light-stopping ability which is a good thing for something that is meant to protect the room from too much sunlight. Besides, linen filters light in a very subtle and delicate way, only make sure you buy fabric of darker shades, otherwise, the curtains will not provide a proper sun-protective effect.

Finally, linen curtains will look suitable even in a room with a classical design (in fact, this fabric will fit any design!).

4. Walls

Yep, this option is definitely for those who have deep pockets! When used in walls, linen provides good acoustic and thermal insulation, and besides, you get an additional bonus of its ability to repel dust.

But even if your budget is not endless enough to afford walls covered with this fabric, you can always buy wallpapers that imitate linen texture.

5. Linen upholstery

Despite the material looks rather casual and we would even say simple, when used for upholstery, it gives a very elegant tone to the room.

Moreover, linen fabric is wear-resistant, it also does not deform or pill, and it can even repel dust! But despite it being easy to clean and maintain, you should check first whether the linen you choose is suitable for furnishing.

6. Covers

If you are looking for a suitable fabric for your covers, linen can be that very choice. Due to its natural properties, it is a suitable material used in covers for the sofas, armchairs, beds, and other seats.

It stretches enough to fit the size of your sofa, besides, it is durable so it will survive constant contact with your body. Probably, this is the optimal solution for the furniture that is in heavy use!

And don’t be concerned about its harshness: linen gets softer after each wash, besides, active use will make it more pleasant to the touch faster, too.

How to Choose Linen For Home

Well, there are no pre-set rules or requirements, to be honest, but you should be aware of several handy tips regarding what to take into consideration when buying linen for home decor:

  • For the curtains, go for the darker colors of the fabric since fair-colored linen will not protect you from sunlight much.
  • Not all types of linen are suitable for curtains. Ask in a store which one will be better in your specific case.
  • If you are choosing linen as upholstery or cover material, stick to sturdy and thicker variants of it. Sofas and armchairs are in constant and heavy use, so the fabric needs to survive that and be wear-resistant.
  • Prior to making a purchase, make sure the material can be laundered in a washing machine with no specific requirements. For a home textile, you don’t want to spend hours just washing and drying it, right?
  • Double-check the content of the fabric you are buying. Quite often, linen can have artificial additives to give it these or those qualities. If your goal is pure fabric, consider checking that out.

Since most linens belong to those natural fibers that can be laundered in the washing machine frequently, it has become a favorite option for those who have kids and/or pets since those are the most active users of the furniture!

Linen has a rather simple yet elegant appearance, it fits any style and design, from classical to rustic, finally, it is all-natural which means there is no hazard of skin allergies or other issues that people often face when using chemicals-based or synthetic fabrics.

With a bit of creativity and time, it is possible to turn any living space into a stylish place by simply adding several linen accents even if those are merely pillowcases. The fabric will add more light to the room and make it look cozier.

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