Home Office Products You Can’t Live Without

Home Office Products You Can't Live Without

Today’s office looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Today, with a majority of employees working from home or remote locations, making your office space a comfortable place to focus on your work is essential. Technology has advanced to the point where you don’t need to be sitting in an uncomfortable office, especially when working from home. Sitting for long periods of time is actually not the healthiest thing for our bodies. Tension can build in your joints and back, causing lifelong problems and pain. Let’s check out a few top items from Everlasting Comfort’s home office products that will help you live a healthier life during your workday. 

Mouse Pad 

Mouse and keyboard pads might seem like a small addition to your home office, but on the contrary, these are amazing products that help with posture and to prevent prolonged use issues such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis. A mouse and keyboard pad with an ergonomic design and memory foam cushioning will help elevate your wrist and arm to make sure you are not putting unnecessary strain on the joints in your wrist. We often don’t consider that even when using small muscles in our hands, we are still capable of injuring ourselves after prolonged use. 

Seat Cushion 

Seat cushions are probably the most obvious thing to look at when thinking about home office furniture. These will take any chair and transform it into a throne of comfort for your desk. Both the coccyx (tailbone) and sciatic nerve stand to benefit a great deal from using some kind of support cushion for your office chair. Chances are that for most people, a cushion is going to fall in a more comfortable price range than a fancy chair. And the results are just as good! 

Lumbar Cushion 

In addition to a cushion supporting your tailbone and seat, having some cushion on your lumbar is also important. This helps keep the lower back and core aligned and strong, ensuring that you are using the best posture possible when working at your desk. Lower back pain is a nuisance, so consider purchasing a lumbar support cushion to help combat back pain and support good posture. Good posture will help you focus, and make sure that you are aligning your back correctly when you sit down to work. 


Regardless of where you live, you might be stuck with a dry climate indoors. Humidifiers can help keep your air clean and offer essential moisture for your skin and respiratory system. Take into consideration that the air surrounding you directly affects your ability to focus and stay calm throughout the day. Especially for any people that struggle with allergies or have naturally dry skin, a humidifier will help keep your space fresh to avoid sinus headaches, skin cracking, and other environmental issues. 

Foot Pillow 

One great addition to a desk space is having somewhere to set your feet. Many of us might cross our legs, put our feet up on the wall, or take to sitting in odd positions that ultimately do more harm than good for our posture. A Tempurpedic pillow to place your feet on will do wonders for the overall health of your skeletal system and further support good posture and healthy work habits. These products can do a lot to improve our comfort, but more importantly, they improve our overall health. Office work can and does cause serious physical problems if you don’t take care of your muscles, bones, and mental health.  


An absolutely essential piece to any office, especially a home office, is ample storage space. For files, extra supplies, technology or whatever extra items you have at your disposal, you will need somewhere to store it. Nothing gets in the way of work faster than a messy and cluttered workspace and collapsable units are a great solution because they can be adjusted to your specific needs for storage. Being organized will help your mental health throughout each day and you won’t be stressed to find an item, tool or extra supplies in a hurry. 

All of these tools together will improve your overall experience and health in your place of work. Taking steps to improve your comfort, posture, environment and workflow will do amazing things to keep you focused and moving not just forward, but upward in your goals. Highly successful people tend to prioritize comfort and calmness even in stressful situations, which can turn up easily at any job. If you are comfortable in your workspace, you will be able to deal with these situations easily. 

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