Home Troubleshooting: Most Common Household Problems in Winter

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the winter season was usually spent indoors, thanks to sub-zero temperatures and icy roads. However, it also brings its own slew of household problems in winter, from frozen pipes to moisture damage. The key to keeping your house winter-proof is adequate preparation as early as a few months before the first snow.

Here are a few problems you may encounter in your home over the winter season, along with some suggestions on how you can fix them.

Insufficient heating

A warm house is essential in winter, so ensure that your boiler is functional and lasts you throughout the snowy months. If your house came with an old, inefficient model, a boiler installation company can upgrade it to a more modern and energy-efficient unit. Improve your home insulation to prevent heat from escaping. You can do this by reinforcing the weather stripping around your windows, doorways, and attic.

Garage door problems

Your garage door may face a few issues over the winter. One common issue is water leaking in through your garage door. If your weatherstripping is old and rotting, it will no longer serve its purpose of keeping your garage safe from the elements. Additionally, most of the metal components in your garage door will contract, rust, or become brittle in the cold temperature. If your weather stripping needs replacement or any important components like springs and hinges break, call a professional to get it sorted. You may also encounter lubricants and grease thickening, but this is something you can fix yourself. Melt the fluid by heating it with a hairdryer or heat gun, then replace it with a brand that’s guaranteed to maintain its consistency regardless of the temperature.

Mold growth

Winter is the most prominent season for mold growth thanks to indoor heating and moisture caused by melting snow. Prevent mold growth by checking your home for any leaks. Pay special attention to windowsills and ceiling corners. Test your indoor humidity and ensure it’s below 45%. If any rooms demonstrate higher humidity levels, install a dehumidifier to keep the moisture under control. If mold is already present in your home, you can request professional services to remove it and prevent future growth.

Snow build-up

During a hefty snowfall, the snow will build up on your roof, and the weight might cause your roof to get damaged or even collapse. Clear the snow as soon as possible but do not attempt to clean your roof yourself, especially if you don’t have the proper tools or experience. You could potentially slide off and hurt yourself due to snow’s slipperiness and the roof’s incline.

These are only a few of the household problems in winter you could potentially face. Certain houses may need special measures to protect specific aspects of their house, like caulking and sealing exterior wood to prevent rotting, cleaning chimneys, and shutting down pools and sprinkler systems. Research to ensure your house is fully set for the wintertime so you won’t run into any problems that can interfere with the holidays. Winter is here, and if you need emergency plumbing Perth assistance to Winter-proof your home for these colder months contact No Probs Plumbing and Electrical.

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