Housekeeping 101: 7 Tricks That’ll Help You Declutter


Housekeeping 101 7 Tricks That'll Help You Declutter

Every few days, do you look at your home and say “What a mess!”? If so, then you’re on the right webpage because we are going to help you detox yourself while you de-mess your house. That may not be a word but sure is a thing. Let go of the mess in your house and make way for beauty in your home.

The first thing to do is get a pen and paper because we are going to need that in the very first step of “how to do decluttering right.”


If you have got your pen, then start writing. You will list down all the items that you know you don’t need. Now, locate these items and divide them based on where in the house are they at the moment. For instance, a spatula you don’t need goes under the “kitchen” category. However, if you do not need the sofa that will come in the “hall” category. Now, you have your things listed with the specific group they belong to. We are going to clear these groups one after another.

Don’t do it all in a go

You may overestimate yourself when you think you can declutter the whole house in a sitting. You can’t; it’s years of over-hoarding and over-ignoring. However, you can start with your kitchen and later move your way to the story room, then the living room, and so on. This way, you will get to pay close attention to each room and area, which may bring other useless or useful items to your notice, which you had forgotten while listing down.


Now, you have found things you love but do not really use. Maybe you have found items that you can still make use of but in a recycled reinvented way. So, get your creativity started, make new things from the old things. This will make sure that nothing goes wasted, not your money, not your decluttering.

Let go

There may be certain things you feel dearly for; however, they may no longer be useful to you. Certain clothes that have grown a few sizes-small or certain food items that haven’t gone bad yet but you won’t cook it, so all that can either be wasted or utilized. You can always be a bigger person and look out for those who may need it. There are various online services such as Junk King, which will come at your doorstep and take whatever you wish to give to organise your home-from old furniture, garbage, scrap metals, etc.


One major part of why your belongings are cluttering your house is that they don’t have the right confining structure. For instance, you may not have enough space to keep all your cutlery sets, accessories, and dresses. So, you re piling everything together on a distant chair. Better option: DIY your cardboard boxes and make shelves or use your hangers, make use of drawers, and other such structures, which can bring a structure to your house. You may not be in a position to throw it all, and thus, you need to structure everything into your space.

Foldable decor

You could also go for foldable sofa sets and dining chairs to make space when you are not using them. Some beds can become sofas for the day too. You can also make use of a foldable wardrobe, which is laid out horizontally and enveloped inside your bed.

Shop wisely

This would save you money and trouble later: Only get what you need. Take a good look at each room, decide what items need replaced or are missing. Shop around to find the best fitting furniture and accessories. Choose items that truly fit your style. It’s better to pick furniture you really love and is quality made than to just grab up bargains you later hate. And remember less is more.

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