How Bug Zappers Use Ultraviolet Light to Kill Insects

How Bug Zappers Use Ultraviolet Light to Kill Insects

The moment the sun comes out and you start to enjoy the warmer weather you’ll notice that the bugs also start to appear, particularly annoying insects like flies and mosquitoes. They are annoying as they buzz as close to you as possible. They may also land on you or even take a bite or two.

Considering mosquitoes and flies carry disease, you don’t want them biting you and transmitting the disease. That’s why you need to take steps to eliminate the issue.

Many people turn to a high-quality UV LED insect killer to help deal with the issue. However, before you invest you may prefer to understand how these things work and whether they are effective at killing insects.

What Is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet light is emitted by the sun and is invisible to the human eye. It is actually a type of electromagnetic radiation. In small doses it can tan your skin, giving you protection against UV rays. In large doses, it can damage living tissues and has been linked with an increased risk of skin cancer.

How The UV LED Insect Killer Works

The device is designed to emit UV light. It should be stressed that the power of this UV light is nothing in comparison to the sun and it poses no harm to your health. However, the UV light is bright enough to attract a variety of insects in the vicinity.

You’ve probably seen how flies and other insects trapped in your home fly repeatedly into the window. This is because they are trying to get to the UV rays, they just don’t see the glass. This inbuilt need for UV rays means they will fly toward the zapper.

Once they reach the zapper they pass through two bars and immediately get electrocuted between them.

Are UV Bug Zappers Effective?

If you look online you’ll find an array of opinions regarding how good bug zappers really are. However, you don’t need to spend hours looking at scientific research papers. Instead, visit a local café or restaurant with one of these zappers fitted and take a look at what’s in the bottom of it. That’s the insects that have been killed by the zapper.  In short, it works.

Of course, the zapper is indiscriminate. You can’t, program it to electrocute flies and mosquitoes but to leave a different insect alone. The majority of insects are attracted to UV light and they will be electrocuted. The only ones you have to concern yourself with are the insects that aren’t attracted to the UV light if you have any.

Positioning Your Zapper

If you want to enjoy an insect-free area outside of your home then set the zapper up near the seating area but not directly above where you will be sat. You don’t want to attract the insects to where you are and have dead bugs dropping on you!

If it’s bugs coming in the house that is worrying you then fix the zapper near the door. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it makes a difference.

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