How Can I Improve Front Door Security?

Home security is an aspect that concerns us all. The first step to guarantee it is to prevent access to housing, or at least make it difficult with all possible means. The entrance door is the primary access that we must ‘shield’ if we want to avoid surprises such as robberies. That’s why we always wonder, how can I improve front door security?

To achieve this, you must secure the front door. If you cannot prevent it from opening, at least you can hinder the process. Instead of opening the door in two minutes, thieves need much more time to access the house. In this way, you will have many more possibilities of getting the thieves to give up on their objective due to the difficulty of access.

Analyze the weak points of your door

In an ideal scenario, we would all opt for particular armored and armored security doors, made of fiberglass, solid wood, or reinforced metal. But we know that it is not always possible to invest that magnitude. So, it is best to analyze the weak points of your front door and try to solve them with extraordinary security measures and reinforcement. We tell you some in the following sections.

Change the lock cylinder

On many occasions, increasing the security of the entrance door involves changing the door lock cylinder for a more secure one. If the door frame is consistent and the frames are firm and stable, a small cylinder change can end the vulnerability of our front door.

To choose the most suitable bowler hat, you must take into account the shape and size of the one you are going to replace.

Protective shields to reinforce security

The safety shields are an essential complement to protect the internal mechanism of access to the lock. The protection is a cover that protects the body of the cylinder. It prevents its extraction from utilizing a rotating rotor and a flared base (for armored doors).

Safety bolt

Safety locks are an effective measure to prevent access to the home from the door. The simplest mechanisms are placed inside the house, attached to the frame and the door. It operates from the inside. So, they serve to prevent attacks when we are at home but cannot be operated from outside.

Within the locks, there are different qualities for the security systems that they integrate:

  • Single- or double-cylinder locks
  • Bar locks with a security key
  • Digital locks that use an electronic card, a code, or a fingerprint to open.

Check the hinges

Sometimes we invest a lot of money and effort in conditioning our front door to avoid robberies by buying the most modern mechanisms. It is a correct decision, but it is essential to ensure that the main elements of our exit are in good condition. These elements include hinges, especially those that are exposed.

It is most recommended that you check that all the details meet the minimum requirements. If not, you should replace them with hinges with a thickness according to the volume of the door or improve its security with steel reinforcements.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the different security mechanisms for doors that can help you avoid thefts and occupations, it is time to get down to work. Start by making a diagnosis that allows you to know the weaknesses of the primary access to your home.

Make an inventory of all the elements you need to replace or incorporate. Help yourself with the tutorials that you will find on the internet to take on the task yourself. You will see that it is easier than it seems.

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