How Can Sleeping on an Old Mattress Adversely Affect Your Health?

There are several reasons why it is reasonable to purchase a new single mattress. Most important is how sleeping on a old mattress can affect your health. Be sure to study them and think about how comfortable your bed is. If you are not too happy with its convenience, you may also need to change your mattress to a new one. You will not be disappointed with the positive changes that you will notice after such a replacement. So, let’s find out how an uncomfortable bed with an old mattress affects human health!

You May Be Allergic to Dust Mites

Experts note that dust mites may live in the old mattresses. Sleep takes one-third of our life, which means that you leave particles of skin and sebum for seven to nine hours daily on the mattress. The older the mattress, the dirtier it is. And as dirt accumulates, the likelihood of harmful insects inside it grows. Dust mites can be a serious problem for allergy sufferers and people with asthma. Besides, they will worsen the health of those who suffer from eczema. Among all types of irritants, dust mites are one of the most intense. Therefore, absolutely everyone should beware of them. You may be allergic and not even suspect it. Therefore, as you can see sleeping on a old mattress can aggravate your allergies and thought of sleeping with mites is literally a nightmare.

Asthma May Worsen

It is worth noting that asthma can worsen not only due to dust mites. You may experience nasal congestion and breathing problems due to excessive dust. Asthma usually worsens in the evenings and nights. If you’re sleeping on a old mattress, you may notice worsening symptoms. However, it is worth noting that people who have not experienced asthma before will not develop this disease. However, this does not mean that it should be changed.

You Can Sleep on the Mold

According to experts, after eight years of use, the weight of the mattress significantly increases since it accumulates dust, dead skin cells, and liters of sweat. Sweat can cause mold in the mattress, which can lead to allergies. This will negatively affect the respiratory tract and overall health. It is difficult to find out if you have an allergy to mold since there are a huge number of its types. Besides, you can just encounter hypersensitivity. One way or another, if you notice suspicious traces on your mattress, you should definitely replace it as soon as possible so as not to risk your health every night.

You May Notice Back or Neck Pain

Pain in the neck and lower back is a common problem due to the lack of sufficient support from an old mattress. If you sleep on a mattress that does not support the spine, you overexert the ligaments and joints. The older the mattress, the softer it is, which means that its effectiveness suffers. This means that you cannot maintain proper posture. The new mattress would help to cope with lower back pain if their cause was precisely the uncomfortable position of the body during sleep. If the pain continues to torment you, then the problem may be much more serious. In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

You May Experience Increased Stress

Scientists compared the quality of sleep and the severity of symptoms associated with stress in people who slept in new beds and old ones. It was found that a new mattress improves sleep quality and reduces back discomfort. And these factors, in turn, reduce the severity of symptoms associated with stress. Stress and sleep are tightly connected. Due to nervous tension, many adults do not get enough rest, after which their condition only worsens. Try to buy a new mattress for yourself, and you may quickly notice that the manifestations of stress in everyday life becomes lower. In modern living conditions, this is an extremely important effect. If you are interested in a new mattress, make sure to visit to check their reviews on them.

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