How Do I Prepare My Luggage for Travel?

How Do I Prepare My Luggage for Travel?

Now that travel restrictions have eased in most parts of the world, people have been searching for ways to travel in a more efficient way. For others who have stayed longer in lockdown, this means finally being able to rekindle the joy of traveling. Thus, a plethora of traveling and packing tips are available online, such as on the Bags Brothers site, but we will discuss some key points today that you may find helpful and may want to consider when it comes to preparing your luggage.

Choose the Right Luggage for the Trip

One of the most overlooked topics when discussing packing tips is selecting the perfect luggage. The perfect luggage means one that will fit all your essentials and, at the same time, can survive the entire journey without making it difficult for you to carry. A cruise will probably make you choose a hard plastic case just to ensure nothing gets splashed on. A trip that requires more terrain adventure might make you want to consider a duffel instead of a wheeled one. You can decide between a hard case, a duffel, or a hard-side stitched cloth. Either way, what you need first to consider is how long the trip will be so you can estimate how big it has to be to fit all your stuff. 

Second, you need to know what the nature of the trip will be like. 

Make a List Before You Send It

Like committing the mistake of overbuying or forgetting things at the grocery stop, not having a list of all the things you need to pack is an expensive mishap. This prevents you from forgetting things, which you’ll end up buying again at your destination, but this will also prevent you from picking something twice, thus saving you more space in your luggage. Having a list before leaving for a destination also means you can use the same list to check all that you’ll bring back upon returning by simply going over the items. This also prevents you from losing something forever by forgetting them in another place entirely.

Weather-Proof Your Outfits

Checking on the weather predictions and natural climate conditions of your destination will greatly aid in what clothing items you’ll need on the trip. Planning out your outfits will also help you prioritize what is essential, what is not necessary, and what can be optional. If you’re heading towards somewhere warm, you won’t be needing your jackets or heavy-knitted tops. If you’re headed towards somewhere icy cold, you might only need to bring a single pair of shoes that can handle the condition.

Bring Compact-Sized Toiletries

Toiletries generally are difficult to pack because of their bulky containers. One of the greatest packing hacks is making use of compact containers or repurposing contact lens cases to hold your liquid toiletries and beauty products. Another alternative for frequent travelers is to keep and repurpose travel-sized toiletries you are given freely in the accommodation and then reuse them or their containers for your next trip. You can also buy small containers that can hold your toiletries which will be easier for you to squeeze into your luggage instead of bringing the whole tubs.

Utilize Luggage Organizers

Have you ever heard of packing cubes? If you haven’t, then it’s high time you looked for them and invested in them, as they are a great tool for keeping your things organized and can also maximize your luggage space. Packing cubes are like rollable blankets that can fit into your luggage but have compartments within them. This not only breaks down your bulky, heavy items into smaller, compact things, but it also keeps all the items in your luggage organized through its compartments. Find the right packing cube that fits your luggage and use it to its maximum innovative potential on your next trip.

The Two Feet, Two Shoes Rule

Another bulky item to pack that most find difficult to deal with is shoes. Generally speaking, you can actually pack for a trip with only a single pair of shoes to use–one that is comfortable enough for the flight and suitable for your destination’s weather conditions. However, there are some who want to have a change of outfit during a trip which is why you can follow the relatively practical alternative: two feet, two shoes. Set up a rule of only bringing only one other shoe with you that fits the outfit you’ve planned alongside the weather conditions of your destination. This way, you get to be both stylish and practical in terms of saving space.

Repeat Outfits

The most underrated tip for anyone traveling is to repeat outfits. You can also deliver this stylishly by mixing and matching the items you’ve packed so that the repetition is subtle. Denim is great for repetition as they don’t need to be constantly washed. Additionally, plan your clothing items and choose versatile ones that fit both formal and casual wear.

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