How Do You Do Mindfulness Meditation?

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and release the stress of your day. So, adding it to your daily routine is a great tool to help you on your journey to finding peace of mind and build a lifestyle built around mindfulness. There are many styles of meditation such as guided mindfulness meditation.

In this article, we are going to look at the practice of mindfulness meditation, what it is and how to do it. So, find a comfortable, quiet place and let’s get some calm in your life.

How Do You Do Mindfulness Meditation

What is Mindfulness? And Important Things to Know

You’ve heard people talk about mindfulness and the meditation practice that goes with it, but what exactly is mindfulness and why does everyone want it? Mindfulness has been practiced for centuries and is simply the art of creating a space in the world for you; mindfulness is a state of awareness. This space allows you to breathe, think and manage your reactions to your needs and reactions. In other words, it is a practice that allows you to find inner peace which creates a lifestyle where you can live in the present.

There are many misconceptions about mindfulness, so here are a few key things you should understand about mindfulness:

Price of entry is nonexistent

You do not have to go out and spend tons of money on that special yoga mat, incense burners, or specialized music. All you really need is a quiet place and the desire to find that peace of mind. Also, you should consider playing some relaxing sport like golf –  calming and quiet game in a beautiful green field. You’ll need some golf equipment, like TaylorMade M2 irons, but relaxing, getting some exercise, and enjoying the outdoors makes it worth the investment.

Shhhh, you need to quiet that mind

That really is an almost impossible feat and is not the goal of this practice at all. You should, however, be trying to be present in your life and do so without any form of judgment.

You will think about that to-do list and a bunch of other stuff

That is fine it is how your mind works. The trick is to realize it and bring it back to the here and now. This is a sign that your mindfulness meditation is working. You were alert enough to notice and course correct.

Hush your biggest critic

We all have a judgmental side. It judges us! It judges others! It judges the world. But in order to achieve the mindfulness goal, you need to begin to silence that inner judge. How do you do that? Hear those thoughts and acknowledge how they make you feel and then let them pass. By acknowledging them you have heard yourself out and by not reacting you have given them no power.

The present is a gift

I know quoting Kung Fu Panda seems a little strange, but this is a great way to think about living in the present which is what mindfulness meditation is all about. Remember no matter how much your mind wonders you should find a way to get back to the moment — after all, the past is already written and the future unknown, right? All you can do is live in the present.

Once you have taken in these facts you will be ready to start your mindfulness meditation.

How Do You Do Mindfulness Meditation?

It sounds simple right? Sit down and let your mind focus on the here and now, but it can be challenging especially with all the distractions of the modern world and life in general. Plus, it is not a “one and done;” this practice is something that you will have to maintain, but the first step is always the hardest, and that first step is allotting time daily for your mindfulness meditation.

So, to help you with this here are some steps you can take to get started:

  1. Find someplace that is quiet and induces a sense of calm.
  2. Take a seat and set an amount of time for your session. Start small 5 or 10 minutes is fine.
  3. Find a comfortable position. You can sit in a chair, on the floor or kneel. Some even lay flat on the floor.) If you can maintain the position for extended time frames, you are good.
  4. Acknowledge your breath. Feel it as your breathe in and breathe out.
  5. Watch for your mind to wander and when it does bring your thoughts back to your breath.
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself for allowing your mind to wonder. Just acknowledge what your mind wandered to and bring it back to your breath.

You can also accompany your mindfulness with the help of calming smells, sound meditation, or anything else that helps you focus and keep your mind off other things, but these are optional for getting started.

Final Thoughts

That is how you do mindfulness meditation. It will be challenging at first but once you have made it a part of your everyday routine for a while you will be able to go longer and longer.

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