How Do You Fix A Leaking Toilet?

How Do You Fix A Leaking Toilet?

A leaking toilet can be mentally disturbing, as you feel guilty about compromising your hygiene. Although the idea of DIY remedies might creep into your mind, certain tasks are better entrusted to experts. This explains why you need to hire a professional company for your leaking tap repairs Sydney. Well, fixing these issues won’t be a hassle with an experienced hand at work.

Nevertheless, you might try fixing your leaking toilet. Here is a comprehensive guideline that would help you eliminate the woes.

Fixing your leaking toilet: Materials and tools you would need

Well, if you have decided to handle puddling water problems in your washroom yourself, make sure to have all these tools and materials at your disposal.

  • Toilet tank insulation
  • Replacement wax ring
  • Open-end wrench (adjustable)
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Replacement tee bolts
  • Toilet tank drip tray
  • Putty knife
  • Work gloves
  • Tile and tub caulk
  • Hacksaw

Steps to fix a leaking toilet

Check out condensation

You can easily check out puddling water as a result of condensation. Constantly running toilets generally experience condensations.

  • To keep the water away from flooding your floor, simply install a drip tray in the right position.
  • Inspect the flapper, which may allow a constant leakage in the toilet tank.

However, if the problem lies in something apart from condensation, you need to carry out further inspection.

Tightening tee bolts

 Once you put aside the plastic covers on both sides of the base of your toilet, tighten the bolts. This would compress the wax ring, eventually restoring the system’s seal. In case you find it tough to tighten the bolts, you need to reseat the toilet by removing it. Next, you need to insert a new wax ring, along with new tee bolts. Replace the wax ring if this solution fails to address your issue.

Disconnecting water connection

Firstly, it is imperative to disconnect the water connection from your toilet. Put off the fixture shutoff valve attaching the fill valve to the water supply pipe. Now, remove water from the bowl and the tank by flushing the toilet. Next, you need to screw off the mounting nut holding the supply tube. Remove the tee bolt nuts that hold the toilet at the base. You may need a hacksaw to cut off the bolts if they are rusted.

 Remove your toilet and the old wax

Set aside the toilet carefully by lifting it from the floor. To break the seal, gently rock it. Unless you are gentile while tilting it, as it might break. Then inspect the tee bolts and replace them, along with the washers. Now, you need to scrape off the old wax using a putty knife. These rings of wax develop as a result of the build-up of grime residue. Put on your gloves and keep the trash bags ready.

Installing new wax ring and toilet

 Now, you need to put the new wax ring in place, ensuring that the plastic cone faces the drain downwards. Position the tee bolts properly on either side of the drain flange. Once you are done, lift the toilet carefully, with the tee blots standing up on the base. Press the toilet using your body weight into the wax ring. Make a watertight seal by rocking the toilet gently. Now replace the nuts and washers on the tee blots. Now, simply reconnect the waterline.

Given that this process calls for adequate experience, it is logical to hire an experienced Plumber Sydney. With professionalism on your side, you can seamlessly get your toilet fixed in quick time.



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