How Do You Know You Have a Pest Control Problem?

Do you have a sneaky feeling that creepy crawlies have invaded your home? Do you the pitter patter of tiny, furry feet, or things that go bump in the night? How do you know if the odd cockroach that you see is a sign of a problem or just a passing visitor?

The simple fact is that you’re looking at this page for a reason. If you didn’t feel that there were pests in your home, you wouldn’t be reading right now. However, the extent of the problem can vary, so in this post, we’ll let you know what the main signs of an infestation of the most common pests are. Check out these signs to know when to call a Las Vegas pest control pro.


Rats are pretty sneaky when it comes to staying out of sight, but they do tend to let their presence be known. In the beginning, this could be something simple, like hearing scratching in the ceiling but the signs will increase as the rats breed. Look out for:

  • Droppings: This is usually the first clue that you have a rat problem.
  • Bites taken out of food: Rats are not all that choosey when it comes to their diet. So, if leftovers on the counter mysteriously disappear, or you start seeing bites taken out of the fruit in the fruit bowl, it might be a sign of trouble.
  • A musty smell: A rat’s nest has a very distinctive musty smell.
  • Smear marks: Rats have greasy skin and so often leave distinctive smudge marks.
  • Strange noises during the night: Rats make a scratching noise when they climb or walk around. They might also bump into things or fall as they move.
  • Evidence of nests:  These will usually be in an out of the way place. They love nesting in storage boxes. Look out for holes in the boxes, shredded paper, and so on as evidence that there is a nest.


Roaches are not nearly as noisy or destructive as rats. Usually, you’ll know they’ve been around by:

  • Their droppings: These are dark in color and may be solid or more of a smear depending on how much water they have available.
  • Egg cases: Whether or not you find these will depend on what species of roach you have. Some carry them until the eggs hatch, while others leave them to fend for themselves. They have a more rectangular shape and tend to be harder than the droppings.
  • Skins that have been shed: Cockroaches will shed their skins as they mature.


Termites are a special case. Considering the amount of damage that they can do, and that it can go undetected for a long time, it is wise to have your home professionally inspected at least once a year.

You won’t see signs of their presence until they’ve done quite a bit of damage, but look out for holes in wood, brittle wood, and sagging.


The biggest problem with any of the pests mentioned above is that they can multiply rapidly. So, while you might see a cockroach here or there, there may be many more you don’t see. Be on the lookout for these signs to know when to call in an expert.

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