How Document Scanning Can Make Your Company More Efficient

How Document Scanning Can Make Your Company More Efficient

In this digital era, every business is gradually adopting paperless offices and digitizing their business. This idea provides an easy method to save, store, and protect vital documents. Scanning your documents ensures that you have a backup of all your information. Without document scanning, you run the risk of losing your records and money. Today, some companies have specialized in document scanning, where they back up all your paperwork so that they don’t get lost. Record storage document scanning provides archive, offsite storage, secure paper destruction services. If something happens to your office, you will have peace of mind that your hardcopy documents are out of harm’s way. Document scanning also allows you to get your company up and running again after a destructive occurrence. Here is how document scanning can make your company more efficient.

1. Office Space

Using your primary office to store company information and files can be costly. Scanning all the documents will free up office space so that you can use it for other productive activities. You can store millions of files on a single server instead of using ample space to store a bulky file cabinet.

2. Preservation

Even a startup or a small business has vital records that must be preserved. The paper system is the least stable form of record keeping. Other more stable systems are microfiche and microfilm, but they are currently out of favor. Digital record-keeping is the most durable and easy format conversion system.

3. Collaboration

Digitalizing your documents will allow teams to work together and achieve a common goal. Your team can now work on projects across geographic areas by collaborating on a single document. When you scan a document, it becomes a living record. As such, you can mine this record for valuable information or update it at any time.

4. Security

You have probably noticed how challenging it is to protect hard copy information. The best you can do is use the lock and key method to secure this information. Digital storage provides different ways to secure your data. You can encrypt, password protects, or even store the information in the cloud. You can take an extra security step and assign access levels to specific users and track all file activity.

5. Audit

Legal compliance is essential for any business. Scanning your documents will make it easier for you to meet all your legal and regulatory responsibilities. When storing digital files, you can organize and index them for easier retrieval. Even the strictest auditor will have an easy time following your company files.

6. Saves Time

You have probably visited an office, and the employee behind the desk takes hours to find a single file. If you use the file system, your employees will always waste time looking for records. Sometimes they are not sure where to find the file you want. With digital records, your staff can easily use the search function to find the document you need. Your team will not waste another great deal of time filing information after its usage. Electronic recording allows you to perform tasks without additional hires.

7. Disaster Recovery

Have you ever spilled coffee on your desk and ruined a vital office document? Now imagine a flooded office that destroys all your paperwork. What will be the impact of such a disaster to your business? With digital record keeping, you can back up your files to a remote server regularly. This strategy will eliminate any loss from burglary, fire, flood, and even spilled coffee.

8. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Document scanning allows companies to cut back on paper and ink for printing. Scanned documents also require less energy to store compared to hardcopy information. The original paper document can be shredded and recycled once it has been scanned and stored electronically.

9. A Greener Planet

Almost everyone in the world is asking for a greener environment. Apart from benefiting your company, document scanning is good for the environment. Studies suggest that an average office uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Those are a lot of trees. If a simple fraction of that paper finds its way in the waste stream, it will harm the environment. Document scanning is here to reduce this paper consumption to ensure a greener planet.

Now you know how document scanning can better the functioning of your company. Scanning documents have made the office work more comfortable. Collaboration between departments is also smoother than ever before.

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