How Does Property Styling Increase the Sale Value of Your Home?

How Does Property Styling Increase the Sale Value of Your Home?Ever wondered why your home doesn’t show well on the internet? The reason may be the lack of proper styling.

Realevate Specialists advises that professional styling can make the place look more appealing and attractive to buyers. Also, it can increase the sale value of your home and provide you with an easy way to make money when you sell it.

Here’s how this powerful tool can increase the sale value of your home and why it’s so vital to get the help of a property stylist from a reliable source like

What is Property Styling?

Property styling is all about adding value to your home by including extra features, improving existing ones, and making every space more aesthetically pleasing. The idea is to make more buyers fall instantly in love with your home, even if they purchase it for investment purposes.

Benefits of Property Styling

Property styling presents a modern approach to real estate advertising. This method of presenting a property for sale, also known as the ‘virtual home tour’, is a proven way to showcase a home’s attributes and increase its resale value.

With the help of property styling experts, you can make your home more appealing. The right styling can separate the best homes from the rest in a new development.

Property styling may also appeal to benchmark buyers, who are most concerned with price per square meter. So, if you know that you will be selling soon, or are looking to buy yourself, then a property styling professional can do these things for you:

  • Make your home inviting
  • Add colour with plants and flowers
  • Decorate the main rooms of the house
  • Accessories outside the house

How Much Does it Cost to Get Property Styled?

A home is going to be more expensive than a condo or an apartment. There are no set prices for property styling, but there is a range of prices based on the size and location. For example, a home in a more affluent neighbourhood will cost more than a smaller home in a less expensive locality.

The designers can give you a quote based on their experience and the amount of work needed. The more work that needs to be done, the more it will cost you.

Tips to Set Up Your Home for Viewings

Keep your home open, airy, and inviting always. Make sure you have clean carpets, freshly painted walls, and a good smell lingering in your home. Also, consider tidying up some areas that may be a little untidy such as toilets or small children’s bedrooms, before viewing so you can show potential buyers how tidy and organised your home is.

You want potential purchasers to imagine living in your house. Ensure you clear any personal effects away from rooms when you have a showing. Spatial planning and proper furniture placement can also earn extra points.

Bottom Line

It’s common for a homeowner to put little or no effort into staging their home, assuming that it will sell itself. However, the reality is that property owners who actively improve their home’s appearance and staging can maximise its overall appeal and resale value.

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