How Fibre Internet Can Help Your Business


How Fibre Internet Can Help Your Business

For ages, fibre optic is recurrently evolving to provide immense benefits that we cannot do without. Internet availability has become the backbone of every business and is essential for home use.

A modern internet technology with reliable fibre-optic broadband with high speeds improves business operations efficiency to transfer, download and upload data. With the emergence of online business, there has been an upsurge in internet demand with consumers desperate for connectivity that offers more bandwidth, faster internet speeds, reliable supply, and security improvement.

With fibre internet and the arrival of cloud computing, there are numerous benefits that humanity cannot fathom what life was like before its discovery.

Fast internet speeds

With faster internet connectivity, fibre internet makes it easy for employees to attend a virtual meeting, send information faster, and create marketing campaigns at the click of a button.

According to research carried out by Sandik, browsers waste a considerable amount of time, waiting for slow internet to respond. Worldwide, computer and laptop users lose approximately an entire working week. Slow speeds mean that you require additional time to complete tasks hence reduce productivity.

To a large extent, the evolution of fibre internet has been beneficial in alleviating slow internet speeds. Additionally, fibre internet speeds remain constant irrespective of the task you may be on – whether uploading files, downloading documents or streaming.

A majority of business organizations have put systems in place to enable shared internet between several devices such as laptops, desktops and even mobile phones. Though beneficial, this can also be a downside as speeds begin to suffer unless you upgrade your bandwidth to meet rising demand.

Therefore, you need to ascertain how much bandwidth requirement is enough for your entire workforce before settling for a package.


Since fibre-based internet is less likely to be cut or damaged, it remains reliable as it is built to last, with durable optic cables that can last for many years. Additionally, harsh weather conditions have minimal effect on it.

Fibre optics can send light beams through a strand of glass in addition to not being affected by rain, cold or extreme heat.

 Access to cloud

Almost every business today is utilizing cloud which needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Apart from accessing and incorporating software, your business can minimize delays, improve communication, and meet product delivery deadlines to customers.

To do this seamlessly, you need internet connectivity that guarantees faster access to applications in the cloud, downloading information faster and an efficient communication channel between suppliers and customers.

Therefore, it is critical for every business to invest in fibre-internet connectivity that seems to be critical for business survival. Additionally, opt to incorporate cloud services such as Dropbox, On Drive, and Google Drive to store, manage and process sensitive data.

With cloud computing, your business can set-up a virtual office, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere without hiring a car and connect with business partners worldwide. You have the option to access information from home, while on holiday, or during a business trip abroad.

With an improvement in internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, access to your data is made available at your convenience.

Preservation of your data and information will guarantee business continuity and proper future planning. Having your data on the cloud will protect it, whether you experience a power failure, natural disaster or fire since you will conduct business as usual, minimizing downtime and productivity loss.

Increased security

Using fibre connectivity, you can protect your business from cyber-attacks since fibre is not easy to penetrate. Hackers will physically need to cut fibre cables for the signal to disappear.

When your fibre internet signal disappears, you will realize it instantly. Loss of signal signifies infiltration by an intruder. However, wireless or copper connections make it easier to infiltrate, and hackers can quickly gain access. With fibre cables, your data and network are more secure.

Signal strength

Unlike copper cabling which quickly loses signal strength after travelling long distances, this is an infrequent occurrence with a fibre connection.

Moreover, copper-based internet connection wanes as you move further away from the source, unlike fibre cabling. If you have a large organization that needs reliable internet signal fibre internet is the better option for you. A technician in the furthest corner can access the same signal as a human resource manager in the office near the source.

Access to automated updates

You may discover that updates for your IT requirements are part of your service fee. Your cloud computing service provider will ensure your systems are frequently up-to-date with the most current technology saving you the hustle of doing it yourself.

Some of the benefits you get may include upgrades of the most recent software, up-to-date server upgrades, and efficient computer processing power.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about virus and malware attacks as automation and upgrades will be done on your behalf.

Reduction in operating cost

Reduction in operating costs remains to be the most significant benefit of using a fibre-internet connection for your organization. With new technology and heightened competition, the internet is now cheaper and more affordable.

Moving sensitive and crucial data online can help reduce information technology maintenance costs. Opt to use resources from a cloud computing service provider, instead of purchasing expensive systems and equipment that require constant maintenance as a way of reducing cost.

When you do that it will minimize system upgrade costs, eliminate new hardware purchases, and hire minimal staff.

Even though an initial fibre-internet connection costs more than a copper-based connection, the benefits you acquire supersede the installation expenses. An increase in reliability eliminates your downtime, which increases productivity and ultimately, profit margins.

When your employees take minimal time to complete tasks, their productivity will be higher within a shorter period. You will meet deadlines, and customers will receive their products and services without delays.

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