How Important Are New Construction Home Inspections?

How Important Are New Construction Home Inspections

An inspection can seem like a waste of time and money, especially when you’re dealing with a new house. After all, everything is new and should be completed to current building regulations. That means there shouldn’t be an issue with the house.

While it would be great if this was true, you speak to any building consultant Sydney and you’ll quickly realize this is not the case.

In short, A new construction home inspection is essential for every home built.

What’s Involved In The Inspection

An inspection is when a knowledgeable third-party looks at a house. Their aim is to ensure that the property has been built to the right standard, that means spotting the issues that a buyer wouldn’t notice and that a builder may try to hide.

It is worth noting that a building firm may be liable for some faults but this doesn’t automatically make them a bad firm. They can have many workers on a build, it can be hard to ensure that everyone is doing their job properly.

An inspection will highlight the issues, allowing you to evaluate the cost of repairs. It will then be between you and the seller to decide who will undertake the repairs. If they do it you need to make sure there is an agreed timescale. Should you decide to do the repairs yourself you can expect to negotiate on the asking price.

Common Issues

Being aware of the most common issues in a new construction will help you to be prepared for them.

Structural Issues

Cracks in the foundation or the walls can suggest that the foundations haven’t been finished properly. The cracks area result of the house moving. In some cases, this is normal settling but in most cases, you’ll want to investigate further. Cracks can cause water damage which will increase the risk or occurrence of subsidence.

Drainage Issues

Bad drainage can be because the outside ground has been sloped toward the house instead of away. It can also occur if you’re in a flood area or the ground is too compacted to allow efficient drainage.

Bad drainage is likely to mean water infiltration in your new home. This can cause mold and can affect the stability of your home. It’s important to make sure all water is being directed away from your home.

Electrical System

You may be surprised by how often there are electrical issues in a new home, despite it having been wired from scratch. Wiring issues increase the risk of a fire or nasty electric stock. The inspection will identify pen circuits, missing earth, bad wiring, and even missing switches.

This will allow you to repair and even improve the electrical system.

Plumbing System

A hastily or badly put together plumbing system is likely to have leaks that can go undetected for extended periods of time. If this happens the water can cause wet, and even dry rot. In the wrong spot, this could cause structural issues and destroy your modern dream.

Getting a new construction home inspection will give you peace of mind!

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