How Is The Apple Watch The Best Device For The Safety Of Seniors?


How Is The Apple Watch The Best Device For The Safety Of Seniors?Where the fashionable look of the Apple Watch is a pride and joy for youngsters, its state-of-the-art features, on the other hand, make it fit for users of all ages. Yes, you heard it right! Talking about the significance of iWatch in the life of senior citizens, it would not be wrong to call this gadget a boon. This being the reason, many people like to gift this elegant timepiece blended with the best leather watch bands in Australia to their grandparents.

Doesn’t this sound fascinating and innovative? So, let’s dive deep into the concept of how the Apple Watch helps in the safety of seniors.

Emergency SOS Features

With Emergency SOS features, seniors can easily make a call on their wrist in the case of an emergency. The Apple Watch then automatically calls nearby emergency services and shares locations to let them access one easily. After one enters an emergency SOS code, the emergency services can then approach emergency contact when the location changes.

To a little more surprise, your elder loved ones can alert their emergency contact on iWatch with just a touch of a button. Make sure they have coordinated the device with a top-notch Apple Watch leather buckle to ensure a secure fitting throughout.

Fall Detection Technology

Injuries due to falling are quite common among senior citizens as at extremely old age, they lose the capability to handle the stiffness of their body. In many of the previous cases, this has also resulted in complications such as a fracture. That’s where automatic fall detection technology in Apple Watch works.

It sounds an alarm and displays the alert after detecting the hard fall. Users can choose to call emergency services or contacts by pressing the digital crown. In case one is immobile for about a minute, Apple Watch complemented with the finest leather Apple Watch bands in Australia automatically calls the emergency services. After the call ends, it sends a message to emergency contacts (taken from Medical ID) about falls, including the location. In this way, younger loved ones can immediately reach seniors and ensure better treatment.

New Health Sensors

Other than solutions for unpredictable incidents, Apple Watch also helps to promote a sense of self health care among older people. The innovative features in the latest Apple Watch Series 6 are picture-perfect examples of the fact.

Blood Oxygen App:

The Blood Oxygen App in series 6 allows one to measure the level of oxygen in the blood directly from the wrist. It then provides the statistics about the overall health, ensuring the ultimate wellness of the user. Senior people can use this feature to keep a check on their health from time to time. However, to get the appropriate measurements, it is essential that the watch is worn snug and comfortable on the wrist. Thus, complementing it with black leather Apple Watch band is a smart idea.

ECG App:

For seniors with cardiac issues, ECG App on Series 4, 5, and 6 is the best solution. ECG (Electrocardiogram) is a test that lets one access the time and strength of electrical signals making a heartbeat. Users can take ECG anytime with the help of the Apple Watch, especially when they are suffering from a rapid or skipped heartbeat. The irregular rhythms report can then help the doctor be clear about the health situation.

Bottom Line

Be it the incredible in-built features, or third-party apps, Apple Watch is a sure shot key to promote a better life among senior loved ones. Thus, wait no more and present one to your grandparents soon and make them feel special. Don’t forget to match it with the best leather watch bands in Australia for ultimate fitting and comfort.


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