How Much Does a Removal Company Cost?

Moving home is undoubtedly exciting but it can also be quite stressful if you were to attempt to organize and pack all your belongings yourself so that they can be safely transported to the next destination. Moving your business premises falls under quite a similar scenario and requires a carefully thought-out plan to ensure that all office equipment and furniture is transported where it needs to go. Rather than a do-it-yourself approach most people therefore rather rely on the services of removal companies in Buckingham to take over the reins of this enormous task.

How Much Does a Removal Company Cost

What are some of the services that removal companies offer?

  • Removal companies have the necessary expertise to assemble, pack and continue to efficiently transport your belongings ensuring that your belongings are delivered to the next destination in the best possible condition. Some removal companies also offer the option of partly packing items if you would rather prefer to package select items yourself.
  • A good removal company will also most likely offer an assembly and disassembly option to assist you with transporting bulky furniture more easily as well as to avoid incurring unnecessary damage to these most-often very valuable items.
  • The provision of storage facilities provides a safe, secure environment for your goods while you wait for premises to become vacant if you are unable to move in right away.
  • Almost any type of item can be transported by removal companies – but moving a piano, in particular, takes extra special care and attention. Using a removal company to transport such a valuable and irreplaceable item is a great idea to ensure that your piano is safeguarded until it reaches the next destination.

But what is the average cost of using a Removal company? And what factors is this costing based upon?

The average cost of using a removal company in the UK will depend on:

  • The number of goods you’ll likely be transporting
  • The distance between the two destinations
  • How easy it is to enter and leave your property to transport your belongings in and out.
  • What time of day it is and if the removal falls in or out of certain peak seasons such as the end of the year or over major holiday periods.
  • Do you require extra services such as organizing, packing, and labeling items?
  • Do you have many fragile items that need to be packed that require extra care when packing and transporting?
  • Do you have large and difficult to transport objects that may require extra assistance and planning to transport successfully?

How much does the average removal cost in the UK?

Over a base distance of 15 miles the average cost of using a removal company to transport your belongings will be around £1700 for a standard 3 bedroom home which usually includes packing and disassembly services. For smaller properties the cost is around £1300 which will include the basic services listed above.

The cost of transporting your goods will differ from company to company. It is therefore important to ensure that you make use of a removal company that has the knowledge and expertise to transport your belongings as efficiently as possible. If you are considering moving whether locally or internationally, contact Move In Matters today for a reliable removal services company that you can trust.

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