How Much Does an American Barn Cost?

How Much Does an American Barn Cost?

There’s going to be some standard pricing guidelines for an American barn, but there will also be an equal amount of variation based on exactly what you mean and what you need out of it. Here are some examples of these guidelines.

Introductory Guidelines

In terms of the national average for an American barn, it varies between around $10,000 on the low end and going as high as $200,000 for something high-end or even commercial. In general, the cost of a 1600 square foot barn is going to be a bit over $70,000. This includes something generally like a gable roof, wooden walls, and at least four stalls inside.

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Many of the factors that change the cost of an American barn includes the size, the shape, what style you have, what kind of structures you have inside including the number and style of stalls, and whether you actually finish the barn like a house, which some people do. Some of them or open and some are closed, some have steel indoor structures. There’s a lot of potential variation.

Cost Breakdown

The average range starts at about $10,000, but you actually can buy a barn for about $5000 if it’s small and simple enough. You may not be able to do much with a barn that small, however. The cost can spike as high as $350,000 for a seriously outfitted barn that is huge and can handle just about anything you could want a barn to do. This type of barn will generally be as large as 3000 square feet with a timber roof and around style.

Estimating Price Per Use

One way to look at how American barns tend to break down for cost is to look at what they are used for in general. For example, the estimation is that a barn that’s used for hay tends to cost about $5 per square foot. If you’re using it for hogs or horses, it could cost as much as $60 per square foot. It’s less expensive than that if it’s used mostly for cultivating something like corn, with the cost starting at about $20 and going to $45 for each square foot.

Some people actually use American barns these days to create a gym, and that’s going to be at least $45 per footage just for the barn itself, and not counting anything else you put inside.

Estimating Per Square Foot

If you have a small barn that was pre-fabricated or modular, then the square footage cost is generally going to go from around $5 or so to as high as $20.

If the barn construction is more like a simple pole barn that uses an open style, then the cost can go from around $10 to as high as $60. If your barn is going to look more like a large shed, then it’s a similar per square foot cost. On the other hand, if you’re getting a cost that’s as high as $100 per square foot, then that’s going to be more for a barn that uses beams and posts.

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